Reasons Why There Is Water Leak Inside Refrigerator

Most people take it for granted that their refrigerator works perfectly. We expect it to keep things at the proper temperature and running smoothly. It’s inconvenient to notice a puddle beneath the refrigerator. Here are some reasons why there is a water leak inside the refrigerator and what you must do to repair it.

Water Leak Inside Refrigerator Causes

Incorrect Tilting

Your refrigerator must not be level with the floor. A slight backward tilt is required to keep the coolant running correctly and, in some cases, to make the door swing shut automatically. The back of the refrigerator should be approximately 14″ to 12″ closer to the floor than the front.

If you’ve recently moved your refrigerator or finished renovations, the unit may be tilted incorrectly or too close to level to drain correctly. You can quickly check this by placing a spirit level on the top of the fridge, perpendicular to the doors. If the angle is off, use these steps to correct it.

water leak inside refrigerator

  • Detach the grille or kick tray from the refrigerator’s bottom front.
  • Examine the two front legs.
  • Increase (by turning counterclockwise) or decrease (by turning clockwise) the length of the leg with a crescent wrench. Do not take the legs off.
  • Check your work against the spirit level until the angle is correct.

However, remember that your fridge should be level from side to side, with the spirit level parallel to the doors. If it isn’t, the back legs must be adjusted. They can be lengthened or shortened the same way the front legs can, but you must first pull the fridge away from the wall.

Clogged Defrost Drain

The most likely cause of the water leak inside refrigerator is a clogged defrost drain. The defrost drain keeps the refrigerator from freezing. The refrigerator automatically defrosts and drips water into a pan. Food particles or other debris can occasionally clog the defrost drain. Clogs can cause ice accumulation.

Try melting the ice to solve the problem. Fill a turkey baster or similar container halfway with warm water. You will pour the water down the freezer drain. Some try breaking the ice with a pipe cleaner or a wire hanger if this doesn’t work. If the clog is too deep in the hose, you may need to move the refrigerator and turn off the valve.

Water Line Obstruction

A water line to the refrigerator on many refrigerator models provides water for drinking and making ice. Sometimes, the refrigerator drips water inside if the water line becomes clogged. A clogged water line can also prevent the ice machine from producing enough ice. If your water line is clogged, you may notice that the water dispenser is not working correctly.

Firstly, switch off the refrigerator. The shut-off valve must then be activated. These safety precautions will keep the fridge and you safe while you work on it.

After that, inspect the water line for any damage. The waterline must be replaced if it is severely damaged. An electrician or appliance technician can do this quickly with a wrench and a new water line.

If the waterline appears completely intact except for a blockage, ice has most likely formed in the line and caused the blockage. In this case, leave the refrigerator unplugged for four hours to allow the ice to melt.

Is A Fridge Leaking Water Dangerous?

Water should not leak from refrigerators. It will not harm it, but it is inconvenient. While the tiny pool of water under your refrigerator may be as harmless as a melted ice cube, it is critical to investigate the water leak inside the refrigerator to ensure that your appliance is not damaged.

If refrigerator water leak inside, you should take action right away to avoid water stains on your floor and structural damage to your home.

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