Sink Not Draining But Pipes Clear: What Solution Can We Rely On?

The sink is not draining, but the pipes are clear, so it may be a wake-up call for a professional plumber. That can help you fix the problem, yet you can also try some tricks to save cost. What kind of tricks are they? Find the answer to fixing the sink and not draining the airlock in the article below.

Bathroom Sink is Not Draining But Pipes Clear

Sinks are often found in either the bathroom or kitchen. This time, we will talk about how to fix a bathroom sink that doesn’t drain despite its clear pipes.

The clog in your bathroom can be caused by several factors, such as the scum of soap or hair strands that aren’t ‘escaping’ well. So, how do you unclog the sink in the bathroom? Here are several solutions you can use to fix your bathroom sink.

Bathroom Sink Not Draining but Pipes Clear
  1. Make sure to check the sink stopper of your bathroom.

Since the sink is used for various purposes in a bathroom, there is a chance that you won’t notice some foreign objects coming through the sink stopper. Grime and hairs can build up on the draining pipe, clogging the water.

  1. Use a plunger to fix a sink.

The use of a plunge is pretty straightforward. You grab the plunger and then apply it to the clogged sink. However, you need to prepare enough water to do so. So, before plunging, you need to run the tap until it reaches around two inches of water. Then, place the plunger cup onto the drain hole and get your plunging skill to work.

  1. Use a drain snake

Aside from the plunger, you can also purchase a drain snake to open a pit to let the water flow through. You must insert the snake into the drain to work with this. As a drain snake is typically long, you can feed the cable until you stop.

Once there, you can put pressure on the snake cable through the clog. Do this continuously until the water successfully flows easily.

Additionally, for slow drains in your bathroom, it may not always be necessary to resort to mechanical methods immediately. Sometimes, a proactive approach can prevent the situation from worsening. Regular maintenance and careful monitoring of what goes down the drain can keep the water flowing smoothly.

Kitchen Sink Not Draining But Pipes Clear

A clogged sink can also be a problem in your kitchen. What if the sink is not draining, but the pipes clear in your kitchen?

Here is what you can do to fix it:

Kitchen Sink Not Draining but Pipes Clear
  1. Have boiling water attack your sink

In many cases, clogging in the kitchen sink is caused by piles of grease and soap residue. Some other materials can also cause clogged drains in the kitchen, such as some food remnants.

If grease and soap residue are the main cause of a clogged sink, you can rely on boiling water to tackle it. Prepare half a gallon of boiling hot water, and then pour it directly onto the drain. Wait for several minutes and try to turn on the faucet—checking whether it is still clogged or not. If it persists, you can repeat the procedure.

  1. Checking the garbage disposal

A garbage disposal can also be an unpredictable culprit, leading to a clogged sink. Typically, the stuff clogged will remain in the garbage disposal. Turning the garbage disposal will normally fix the problem.

However, you may need a reset if your garbage disposal is dysfunctional or overheated. If nothing happens even though you have tried to turn on the garbage disposal and reset it, chances are your disposal is broken or jammed. For this issue, it will be nice to call a professional.

  1. Plunging the sink

Another method that can work is to plunge the sink with a plunger. You can use the same method as plunging your clogged sink in the bathroom.

Adding to these solutions, it’s essential not to overlook slow drains as early signs of a clog forming. Regular maintenance and being proactive can prevent more severe blockages.

One simple yet effective routine is to pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain once a month. This can help maintain clear pipes and reduce the likelihood of future clogs.

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