Safety Tips in Using Portable Natural Gas Generator

The portable natural gas generator is one of the most chosen generator types because it can be used everywhere. Every type of generator may have different usage and ways to operate. For example, for Honda or powerland generators, you can check the manual on the website.

Portable Natural Gas Generator

You have to pay attention to the uniqueness and follow the user instructions. For those who also have this type of generator, it is also important to pay attention to the generator operation’s safety.

You always need to read the manual of the generator owner as well as the instructions. Follow the warnings and instructions carefully so you can start operating the generator safely.

Some safety tips below are important to learn. Even it is not a user manual.

Portable Natural Gas Generator

Safety Tips for Portable Natural Gas Generator

Never Operate a Generator Indoor

Even though you will power up mostly indoor appliances, it is not recommended to operate the generator indoor or enclosed area like garages.

Generators should be operated outdoors and away from the doors, windows, crawl spaces, vents, and any other areas with adequate ventilation. It is because the opened windows and doors or a fan won’t become ventilations in sufficient amounts.

Never Operate a Generator Indoor

Place the Generator in Level Surface

The generator operation should also always be done on the surface level. The area also may not get excess moisture, dust, dirt, or corrosive vapors that can damage the generator.

You Need Transfer Switch

In the operating of the portable gas generator, you may not directly connect the generator to your home’s wiring system or into the regular outlet of the household. The connection of the portable generator to the household wiring system directly can become deadly to yourself and other people inside the home.

The direct connections between the generator and household wirings at home can cause back feed of the home’s power lines. In this way, the power might inure the utility workers or your neighbors.

Ground the Generator Properly

Next, make sure that you have grounded the generator properly. Otherwise, you will get the electrocution risk. Before you use the generator and ground it, it is recommended to check and follow the local, state, and federal grounding regulations. When the generator is operating, make at least 5 feet clearance for all generator’s sides.

grounding portable generator

Regular Maintenance

The gas generator will be needed anytime when you need to power up your home appliances, so it should be ready all the time. It means that we have to ensure the condition generally.

When you find some trouble with the generator, contact an authorized dealer near you. They will repair the damages or replace any generator parts that need to be replaced.

Use the Generator in Proper Way

Every generator is designed with maximum wattage. You should follow the rules and don’t overloaded use the generator. It means that you have to calculate the generator’s output rating and limit the equipment and appliances to not overload. Use the natural gas generator only when you need it and for the essential equipment.

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