Generator Generation: The Honda EU2000i

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There are lots of generators out in the world, but none that is like the Honda EU2000i. In short, this generator is actually one of the best portable generator out there and for good reasons as well. When you need some extra portable power source, just go on ahead and get this portable generator because this is the best of the best.

Now after we are done with the subjective opinion, let us go to the basics of this generator and why I call this generator the best of the best in the world of generators. In this article here, I will tell you all you need to know about this particular model of generator and the why and why not you should buy it. Without further ado, let us continue:

Honda is well known for their automotive engineering, but that does not mean they could not create a good generator as well (it is apparent with this generator, but we will go to that later). This portable generator is created by Honda to stay relevant in the portable market, and they did this very well.


The good

If you are looking for the best generator out there, then you have come to the right place. This generator is fitted with goodness all over, and I am here to tell you all about it in this section

1. It is very fuel-efficient

The generator is fitted with a patented technology Honda like to call as Eco Throttle™. Now this may sound like your daily fancy word with no meaning, but Honda does not like to mess around.

With this technology inside the portable generator, the generator could produce power up until 9 and a half hours with only 1 gallon of fuel. Now if that is not efficient, then what?

Honda Eco Throttle

2. It is very easy to maintain

Keeping a generator on a stable condition is very hard, but that rule does not apply for this type of generator. In many other generator, when they ran out of fuel, the generator kept working on and on.

In the case of this generator, when this generator ran out of fuel, the generator will shut itself down by itself. Automatic shutdown is a bliss concerning generators, and this one got it covered. How about honda EU2000i oil change ? with the manual include its very easy to do.

3. It is not that noisy

You know how noisy a generator could be? You would not find this problem with this generator. People once shied away from portable generators because portable generators are noisy. Now if you turn this portable generator on, the sound would not be that audible. It is like turning that noiseless water heater in your house. Soft and smooth.

The Bad

1. It is pretty expensive for the power you get

There are lots of portable generator that is more powerful than this one. While this one could provide only 2000W, many could produce a much higher energy for the same price. 2000W is enough for one house, but some may need more, so they should not choose this generator.

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