Choose Your Reliable Generator using Honda EB5000x

As you know, that Honda EB5000x generator is the commerce class which provides you with the full 5000 watts. There are some brands from generator manufacturers that you can use for references. When you need a portable generator with quiet noise, you can use the Honda generators.

Honda EB5000x specs and features

Here is the simple eb5000x review :

The EB5000x has 6.6 gallons from a steel gas tank with 4 levels of filter systems. This generator also using the auto voltage regulator and the autothrottle control. This series was also completed with the single-cylinder, 11 horsepowers with the overhead valve (OHV).

The main point of the Honda portable generator is fuel efficiency, and this generator can load for almost 12 hours with the two-thirds powers and load until 8,3 hours for a single fill.

Honda EB5000x Generator

Honda EB5000x Features and Specs

What are the features of the EB5000x generator?

As mention above that this generator can work on your electrical device for a longer time. But there are some other features that you should know from this Honda 5000 generator, they are:

  1. Using the iAVR technology

Regardless of the technology of automatic voltage setting, this generator can reduce the voltage fluctuation to 50% and give the stable voltage so you can run some of your sensitive devices. You do not have to worry because iAVR technology also provides your 7000 watts in 10 seconds to start up your high voltage devices.

  1. Using the Honda IXG of the commercial engine.

This honda eb5000x parts engine will give you the best performance with the Honda IXG of the commercial engine that the computer can control auto operation. The control is simple and quick. This engine offers you the best voltage and reduces fuel consumption, and increases easy maintenance.

  1. Providing you with a Honda oil alert.

Honda oil alert system will protect your machine and auto shut down when your generator has the lower oils.

  1. Using the 120/240V for the selector switch.

Adding the flexibility for selector switch, which giving you more benefit using 120/240volt sharing outlet. You can use the only 120volt to make get more voltage.

  1. The load time.

You already knew that this type Honda 5000 generator able to load until almost 12 hours.

  1. Provide you with the folding handles.

The folding handles make it easier to carry and compatible with the lock unit.

  1. GFCI protection.

GFCI will be your security system.

  1. High quality of Spark Arrestor.

This is to prevent the emissions from dirt that can cause fire risks.

  1. The circuit breakers.

The electric circuit breaker will protect your generator from overload using.

  1. The applications.

Air compressor, electrical saw, bench grinders, high power of washing machine, etc.


This model has automatic compression and makes it the user easier to start with its honda 5000-watt generator electric start. The auto-idle and throttle control will decrease the speed when all the applications are shut down and suit the throttle speed as the needed power.

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