Honda EX1000 Generator, a Perfect Backup Power for HF Radio

An unpredictable power outage can be so annoying, especially when we work with HF radio. A portable generator is a solution for us to maintain our work even though our house gets a power outage. For those who work with HF radio, the Honda EX1000 generator is your best choice to maintain the power supply.

Honda EX1000 Generator

The Honda EX1000 is also perfect for outdoor activities such as camping. This article will tell you why this type of generator is an essential item for the house. Have a look at this simple review for its specifications :

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Pros of Honda EX1000 Portable Generator

Fuel capacity

The capacity of the fuel tank for EX1000 is 0.8 gallons. It can run for approximately 3.8 hours on one tank full. This generator may look less efficient compared to the other generators. Still, when we see its power output which can give a maximum load of 1000 watts for AC output, we might have to change our opinion of a less efficient generator.

It even has a fuel meter and oil alert so that the owner will know the right time to refuel the generator. Honda portable generator EX1000 requires gasoline as its fuel. The generator has a switch to control the valve to open or close.

Honda EX1000 Generator

Power output

EX1000 generators from Honda can deliver the power to AC output a maximum load of 1000 watts. The power is enough to keep on HF radio for quite a while. It may also be adequate for other appliances when you don’t use the generator for your HF radio.

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Weight and portability

The Honda EX1000 weighs 57lb. It is quite light, which allows you to carry the generator with one hand. By that, it means you can carry the generator wherever you like, and you don’t have to haul it like hauling a bull.

Honda EX 1000 Specifications :

honda ex1000 generator specs

User Convenience

The generator does not need a stronger armor skill to start the engine. It has electric ignition that makes it easier to switch it on or off. The generator allows AC/DC to be used simultaneously, though there are also AC/DC circuit breakers in the system.


EX1000 has a solid metal body that protects the delicate inner system and resists any denting. Looking at its solid metal body, we can rest assured that this generator may last long.

In terms of maintenance, it’s essential to keep an eye on components like spark plugs and the cooling system to ensure the generator operates smoothly and quietly. Regular maintenance and attention to these components can help mitigate noise and ensure the generator’s reliability.

The Manufacturer

Who doesn’t know Honda? This Japanese company is famous worldwide for producing high-quality engines, including car engines, motorcycles, and now home backup generators. Therefore you don’t have to be worried about the quality of the Honda EX1000. This generator does not need constant maintenance, which would annoy busy people who don’t have enough time to do maintenance care.

What can you run with a Honda 1000 generator?

With a maximum output of 1000 watts, the Honda EX1000 portable generator is compact and has a restricted power capacity. It can be utilized to power an assortment of compact electrical devices and appliances, including:

  1. Lamps and lighting
  2. Compact fans
  3. Providing power to laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  4. Miniature kitchen appliances (with reduced wattage), such as a coffee maker or microwave
  5. Portable heaters (while exercising prudence and surveillance owing to power constraints)
  6. Power tools that have reduced wattage demands
  7. Camping apparatus, including portable coolers and electric stoves

However, it is critical to exercise caution regarding the generator’s capacity and refrain from exceeding it, as it might not be appropriate to power sizable appliances or numerous high-wattage devices simultaneously.

It is imperative to consistently verify that the wattage demands of the devices one intends to operate do not surpass the rated capacity of the generator.

Additional feature

Portable generators are famous for their disturbing noise, including the Honda EX1000. The specification said that the level of noise for this generator is 64 dB. Some people reviewed that EX1000 is noisy, but the people reviewed that this generator is relatively quiet compared to other generators.

The manufacturer has taken precautions for this noise problem by fully enclosing the engine to be much quieter for working with HF radio. For more details also, you can check the Honda Ex1000 generator manual.

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