Know Your Rheem Water Heater Warranty by Looking Up the Serial Number

Rheem serial number lookup can be found by looking at types of Rheem water heaters. The warranty is based on manufacture, and usually, the warranty code is listed in the serial number of the Rheem water heater. Before I tell you how to look up the serial number, let’s take a look at the Rheem water heater first.

Rheem Water Heater

Rheem Company has been around for about 100 years, producing high-quality water heaters. Each Rheem water heater has a different length warranty, starting from six years warranty to fifteen years warranty (the top-line in the Rheem water heater industry); all of which is Energy-Star certified.

Rheem Water Heater Warranty

Maybe we might think that the water heater’s age can only be known if they install it. But we can know the Rheem water heater age by reading the serial number information, which we can find on the back of the body water heater.

The 6-year warranty

The six-year warranty Rheem water heater does not mean that your water heater will only last for six years. The water heater can reach a life span of 8 years if you properly maintain the model. It is the basic model of the Rheem water heater that has a 6-year warranty on parts and tanks. Although it is basic, the model is a fantastic water-heating solution.

The company also gives a 1-year labor warranty. The six-year warranty needs annual maintenance to drain the tank to prevent harmful mineral dumps from forming and damaging the storage tank’s glass lining.

The 10-year warranty

This water heater is an advance of the previous model, equipped with a self-cleaning system, and saves more energy. Aside from having a 10-year warranty, the water heater also has a 1-year labor warranty, and the life span of the water heater is expected to be around 10 years. No wonder that this Rheem water heater is very popular.

The 15-year warranty

This is by no means the most advanced of the three. It has higher energy efficiency, a self-cleaning system, metal and brass parts, and additional corrosion prevention materials (anode rod). The anode rod is installed to prevent corrosion and cracks in the glass lining. The warranty is 15 years long with a 1-year labor warranty.

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Locating the Serial Number

The serial number identification on the Rheem water heater usually has ten digits, for example, 0898G01213. The first two digits are the month of the manufacture, followed by the year shown by the next two digits. 

The letter is the plant line code, and the rest digits are the serial number. By looking at the serial number, you can know your water heater’s age and confirm the water heater warranty limitation.

Seril Number Rheem Water Heater

You can do the Rheem serial number lookup by determining your water heater’s type first, whether it is a tank-type or tankless water heater. In the tank type, the model code and the water heater serial number are on the front of the water heater.

If you have tankless water heaters, the Rheem water heater serial number is located on the water heater’s front or right-hand side.

To verify your warranty’s limitation, you have to know the date of installation and the code listed in the number by doing a Rheem serial number lookup. It’s essential to have your serial number handy along with the model number and serial number when registering your Rheem product for warranty service. This ensures you can fully enjoy the warranty benefits provided by Rheem.

For any assistance or questions regarding your water heater, Rheem support is always available to help. They can guide you on how to extend warranty coverage for your water heater depending on your specific needs, ensuring you have peace of mind when it comes to your home’s heating and cooling systems.

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