Rheem Water Heater Age

There will be a long step taken when people are buying the water heater because they have to look for the best one. We can make sure that water heaters can be an investment for their household if they can choose them correctly.

There are various types of water heater products which can be found out there. People can also find different companies that offer water heater products. For sure, they have to make proper consideration and compare the water heater products to get the best one.

Rheem water heater can be the right choice for them. It must be great if they have this water heater in their house, but they also have to make sure that they have a proper understanding of the Rheem water heater age.

Rheem Water Heater Age

Some people might think that the water heater’s age can only be known if they install it. In fact, they will know the age of their water heater by reading the serial number.

How to check Rheem Water Heater Age

People surely have to understand their water heater properly to ensure that it can work well. In this circumstance, they must not ignore the serial number because it will tell a lot about the water heater. When people talk about the Rheem water heater, there will be ten digits of the serial number, which can be found on the product rating label.

Serial Number Identification

Rheem Water Heater Serial Number

It is not just any number for sure because there is a specific meaning behind this number. The first two numbers will describe the month of the product manufactured. The next two numbers will represent the year of manufacturing. They can find a letter next, which will mean the plant line code. The last five numbers will represent the consecutive serial number.


There must be a very big question that people have about why they have to understand the age of the water heater, so they have to learn more about the serial number of the water heater product. In this circumstance, it will be associated with the warranty of the product after all.

The warranty of the water heater will be based on the manufacture date. The code of warranty will also be listed in the number of the model.

If people want to verify the water heater warranty, it means that they should make a call to the company hotline. It will be easier if they identify the serial number first.

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