The Causes of Tripping Breaker in The Water Heater

Nowadays, people like to use the water heater for their bathroom, so they do not need to boil the water when it is winter or cold to take a bath. Most water heater uses electricity to make the water hot.

Causes of Tripping Breaker in The Water Heater

So there might be some problems that will arise, and usually, it has something to do with the electricity. In this article, we are going to talk about the tripping breaker for water heaters.

Electric Water Heater Tripping Breaker 

There are some reasons why this can happen

  1. Burns the heating element, the element that heats the water might already split, spreading the electricity to the water. If this happens, the short circuit can happen too, so that it will cause the tripping breaker.
  2. Problem on the wiring or the brake, maybe the problem is not in the water heater, it might be the breaker worn out or tripped, or the wire is loose in the electrical panel.
  3. The thermostat is broken. If the thermostat is broken, it will need more electricity than the circuit’s maximum limit can handle.
Electric Water Heater Tripping Breaker

If one of those things happens, here are some things that you need to do:

  1. Do not turn back on the breaker.
  2. Do not change into the high-rated breaker.
  3. You better call or contact the professional as soon as possible than trying to fix the problem by yourself. If you do not want the water heater tripping breaker to happen again, you can do the water heater’s scheduled service and ask the professional to fix it if it gets broken immediately.

New Hot Water Heater Keeps Tripping Breaker

One day you noticed something wrong with your new water heater, so you decided to check and reset the breaker, but after a few minutes, the problem came again. If that kind of thing happened to you, here are the things that you need to do.

New Hot Water Heater Keeps Tripping Breaker

Call the store or come there again and complain about what happened, or you can call the professional to fix the problem directly. It is the saver and more clear. While you are waiting for the professional to come, you better do not turn back on the breaker because it is such a serious and dangerous problem. 

The problems that might cause that thing to happen are :

  1. The water heater trips the breaker
  2. The malfunction of the thermostat—if this is the cause, then you should replace the thermostat.
  3. There is a leak in the water heater that causes the water to drain and touches the electricity.
  4. Hot Water Heater Keeps Tripping Reset Button

Some things can cause this problem :

  1. The water in the water heater is getting too hot—when the water has reached 1800, it will reset automatically because it will protect you from burning your skin.
  2. Something wrong with the thermostat, so the thermostat’s function is to control the temperature of the water. When the water is getting cold, the thermostat will kick the button to make the water hot again and vice versa. When the water is getting too hot, it means the thermostat did kick the button to cool the water down.
  3. A bad high-limit switch might lack function, so it is tripping when it should not. 

Those problems might be one of the reasons for the water heater tripping breaker in your house. Overall, if that kind of thing happens, it is advised to directly contact the professional because water and electricity are dangerous combinations. It can cause a serious and dangerous problem and might harm yourself.

That is why if you do not know much about electricity, you do not need to try fixing the problem or wait until it gets worse. It is better to be safe and unexpected things will not happen to you, your family, and your home. 

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