Tips on How to Wash Bed Sheets in Washing Machine

Do you know how to wash bed sheets properly in the washing machine? You probably think all fabrics are the same, so you can always wash the bed sheets the same way you wash the clothes.

Well, things are slightly different on those kinds of fabrics, so you may want to know the basic facts and knowledge before you can rush to a judgment.

How to Wash Bed Sheets?

Commonly, most people neglect how to wash bed sheets, thinking they can treat the sheets just like they treat the clothes.

The so-called 300 to 500 thread count in bed sheets determines the sheet’s quality and softness. For health, you should wash the pillowcases and bedsheets once a week.

How to Wash Bed Sheets in Washing Machine

What temperature to wash sheets? Well, for the regular and standard types, washing them in hot water using the detergent will do, and then you need to dry it off with the hot setting. This is super important for those with allergies because hot temperatures kill mites.

Hot temperatures are essential for those suffering from allergies, as they effectively kill dust mites. Always check the care label for the maximum recommended temperature to protect the fabric while ensuring a hygienic clean.

When washing polyester blends or sheets made from delicate materials, opt for a gentle wash cycle and warm water. While cotton sheets can generally withstand higher temperatures, adjusting settings based on fabric type is imperative.

However, when you have luxury sheets with a 1000 thread count, use only warm water and then dry them off in a cool setting. Luxury sheets are made from cotton threads, which will likely break when exposed to high temperatures.

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Tips on Wash Bed Sheets in Washing Machine

So, when you want to wash the bedsheets, other bedding items – comforters, linens, etc. – should be treated differently from your clothes or regular apparel. Here are some tips on washing bed sheets in the washing machine correctly and adequately.

Don’t overload the machine

You probably think, “I want to get it done fast, so it is better to pack everything within one cycle.” It’s not a clever move. You may be able to cut the washing time, but not so much for the cleansing. You see, the rinse cycle will not run well because of the packed condition, which means you may deal with soap residue. If you have a full capacity, consider adding the rinsing cycle.

Don’t use chlorine bleach or brightener detergents

What if you want to make the sheets bright white? Use lemon juice. Add a quarter cup to the load. Always dissolve the powder detergents in water before mixing them into the sheets.

While it might be tempting to use fabric softener to achieve soft, cozy sheets, opt for baking soda as a natural alternative that maintains fabric integrity and softness without the residue that softeners can leave behind.

Don’t mix towels with your sheets

Don’t forget to check the labels so you know the basic requirements of each cleaning process. Doing this lets you know whether a specific sheet requires a specific process. Don’t forget to separate the colors too. Focus on white first, then the light colors, and then go with darker ones because the darks may bleed to lighter ones.

Exposing your laundry to sunshine is always a good idea because it is a natural disinfectant, but not too much. Once the laundry is half dry, air or wind dry it in a shaded area to keep the color.  Now that you know how to wash bed sheets in the washing machine you can have a better cleaning period, can’t you?

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