4 Solid Tricks of How to Remove Dried Blood from Carpet

What’s that red-blackish blot on your carpet? Bloodstains? Uh, better to clean it fast, or you’ll ruin your lovely carpet! Many know that blood stains are best if getting cleaned as fresh as possible. However, what if you may even don’t realize that stain?

The stain will then be left dry, hence making it more difficult to clean. Is it possible to clean off dried blood from the carpet? If so, how to remove dried blood from the carpet? This article will try to reveal the secret behind easy cleaning of blood spots.

How to Remove Dried Blood from Carpet? Try These Materials to Clean It Off!

Many people don’t like it when it comes to cleaning stained kinds of stuff, especially if they are hard to get rid of. A blood spot is that strenuous stain that takes you sweat to clean off.

Lucky you, these days, many products claim to be the best stain remover for blood. While some of them are truly honest and effective, some others leave you in awe. Not because it works wonders, but simply vice versa.

how to remove dried blood from carpet

How to remove blood stains from the carpet that is dried? The answer lies in these worth-trying materials below.

Saline solution

Some of you may not know what saline solution is. Simply put, a saline solution is a mixture of salt and water. What kind of salt makes those bloodstains become, well, salty? It’s literally that table salt you find in the kitchen. It is a cheap solution.

To make this solution, dilute around 2 tablespoons of salt with water for around 500 ml. Then, have an unused cloth to blot the stain with the solution. Don’t rub – it may cause the stain to spread.

Dish soap

Another cheap option is to employ your dish for a new job: cleaning bloodstains. However, it may only work with wool carpets. If you have a wool carpet with red-black blotches, you can have one tablespoon of dish soap mixed with two cups of cold water. Then, mix and put it on the blots.

With a damp cloth, blot the bloodstain repetitively until the stain seems to go off. Sponging goes next. The last step is to clean it off with cold water.


Want something strong to perform dried blood stain removal? Try getting two tablespoons of ammonia how to remove dried blood from the carpet mixed with a half-cup of warm water. Have a sponge, then just like other procedures mentioned, blot the stain until the liquid permeates into the stain. Let it sit for fifteen to thirty minutes.

Then, clean your sponge with cold water. Reuse the sponge to apply cold water – this time, it’s time to clean the stain from the chemicals. Clean it thoroughly, and blot it dry with a towel, tissue, or anything absorbing.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Whoever excludes hydrogen peroxide from the bloodstain removal process doesn’t deserve the cake (hey, whose cake is it?). But well, it is indeed effective to get rid of dried blood stains existing on your carpet.

You’ll need only a small amount of H2O2 and soak the stain with it. Let it sit for an hour. However, keep in mind that it might change the color of your carpet.

Actually, you can also have natural ingredients such as lemon juice and baking soda. Or, for more weirdo techniques, you can have aspirin as the answer of how to remove dried blood from the carpet.

To further prevent damage to your carpet fiber, it’s important to avoid harsh scrubbing. Instead, gently blotting the spot can effectively lift the stain without harming your carpet. Always use a white cloth or paper towel to avoid transferring any dye to your carpet.

Regular maintenance and prompt stain removal will keep your carpet clean and extend its lifespan. Remember, using the right technique and products will ensure that you don’t inadvertently damage your carpet while trying to clean it.

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