How to Kill Moss on Brick, A Thorough Discussion

A brick could enhance the appearance of your house. Brick walls, roof brick, or brick patios are just some of the uses of this material. However, do you know how to kill a moss on brick?

Moss grows in a leak or damp place in your house. The brick on your house exposed to the damp environment could end up being the life place of the moss. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to remove the moss.

Especially because moss can also reduce the brick’s lifespan, removing it is natural to maintain a good look at your house and reduce any costly damage.

How to Kill Moss on Brick

Moss on brick could lessen the appearance of your house. In addition, Moss killers on brick could help to reduce the outgrown brick from becoming less appealing. Here are some steps to help with your cleaning:

how to kill moss on brick

You will need some tools and materials. You could use vinegar, bleach, or other moss-cleaning agents for the cleaning material. For the tools, you can use a bucket and gloves for protection.

  1. First, wet down the wall or the brick before starting to scrub the area. This is also needed to prevent the dry brick from sucking the cleaning agents.
  2. Then, mix two cups of bleach solutions per gallon of water.
  3. After it has mixed well, start scrubbing the wall or the brick.
  4. After cleaning it thoroughly, rinse it down with your garden hose.

If you do not want to use bleach, you can substitute it with vinegar. But first, prepare some vinegar and a sprayer.

  1. First, try to mix the vinegar with water equally.
  2. Then, load it into a sprayer.
  3. Spray the mixture onto the brick.
  4. Wait for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  5. After that, wash it off with water.
  6. In a few hours, the moss should be dead.
  7. You could scrub the moss now.
  8. Clean the moss with water.

Hence, you could see some differences between before and after the scrubbing. Try to do it regularly if the moss is coming back again.

How to Stop Moss Growing on Bricks

Moss on brick wall could make your garden look unappealing. However, you could try some of these methods to prevent this, so the moss will not return. These methods are easy and do not need special tools or materials. Here they are:

  • Remove leaves and grass from the brick area. That is because organic materials such as those could bring moss to your brick. For it increases the moisture of the surface.
  • The other way to keep moss from returning is to dry the brick. Make sure the installation of the drainage does not dampen the brick. You can also ensure that the brick gets enough sunlight to keep it dry.
  • If there is some moss coming back, remove it right away. Keeping a day or two can make the growth bigger and broader. However, it will also take root in the brick. Trying to remove it yourself will become more difficult if this happens.

It is quite complex to keep the moss from your brick wall or brick patio from coming. However, it is worth the work since you can have a nice brick appearance and prevent any additional cost because of this organic matter.


Knowing how to kill moss on brick will naturally bring advantages to the house owner. The advantages are quite good since it could prolong the brick’s lifespan and prevent any damage caused by the moss. Therefore, you could have an aesthetic house with a beautiful appearance.

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