Practical Guide on How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains with Coke Overnight

Several everyday ingredients surprisingly can help you to keep the toilet clean. Some of them are vinegar, baby oil, and Coca-Cola. Using these common house items can benefit you more than cutting down potentially harmful and damaging products – it may give you an advantage on saving some money.

Read the easy way on how to clean toilet bowl stains with coke below.

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains With Coke in 3 Extremely Easy Steps

Chance is, the most challenging spot to clean within your home is the bathroom area, specifically the toilet. It is a challenging task to tackle if the bathroom area is shared with your husband and the boys.

As mentioned above, you can use Coca-Cola or Coke to clean the toilet. While you might be already familiar with its refreshing taste, apparently Coca-Cola is more than a simple soft drink – it makes a great product to remove brown stains in the bottom of a toilet bowl.

Sounds quite unbelievable, right? However, plenty of people has proved its effectiveness in dissolving rust rings on their toilets.

Coke contains citric acid, an element that’s known for its ability to eliminate stains. It also contains carbonic acid that works to dissolve mineral build-up and limestone. To use this liquid to resolve your toilet stain problem, you need Coca-Cola, rubber gloves, and toilet brush.

how to clean toilet bowl stains with coke

Follow the steps below that explain how to clean a badly stained toilet using Coke:

  1. Use your rubber gloves and pour the Coke around the toilet bowl edges.
  2. Leave it overnight to let the carbonation lift off the stains.
  3. In the morning, flush your toilet and it will be clean already. If necessary, brush the toilet using your toilet brush.

If you currently cannot get your hand on Coca-Cola, several alternatives are available. First, you may use an equal mix of white vinegar and baking soda and some drops of essential oils such as tea tree oil or peppermint oil. Not only can the mixture clean the toilet bowl, but also neutralize its nasty odor. Using sliced grapefruit with salt is another effective alternative solution, as they act as a scrubber to replace toilet brushes. Still, this method might not be as practical, and it requires you to dirty your hands.

One thing that must be noted, despite its efficiency, is that it is not recommended to use Coke each time you’re planning to clean the toilet bowl. The carbonated soda has a dark color, potentially creating its own stain.

Not to mention, it may leave a sugary residue if you accidentally use it in excessive amounts, which can feed some specific bacteria types. Moreover, Coca-Cola is not the most effective ingredient available to eliminate fat, grease, or other stains based on oil.

Well, the guide on how to clean toilet bowl stains with Coke shows you the easy and quick way to make the space spotless again. Still, to get the optimum result, it is best to clean the bathroom area at least once a week.

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