How to Clean a Honeywell Fan with Easy Steps

Is air-conditioner too expensive for your budgeting? Have a window or tower fan instead. However, as the time goes on, your fan can get dirty as it rotates.

Without us realizing, it filters the surrounding air, which isn’t 100% clean. Once it gets dirty, usually the performance of your fan drops little by little. It can even lead to stop working. Wondering how to clean a Honeywall fan? Check the explanation below, and get the insight related to cleaning this cooling appliance.

How to Clean a Honeywell Fan

How to Clean a Honeywall Fan: Cleaning Tower and Window Fan

It’s very good to clean your fan every three weeks or a month. Besides to improve your fan’s capability in providing cool air, cleaning the fan in a regular basis can also help your fan to deliver cleaner and fresher air. Here are the things you will need to clean out Honeywell tower fan or window fan:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Soft cloth. You can also get an unused, old shirt.
  3. Brush
  4. Surface cleaner
  5. Compressed air cans
  6. Vacuum cleaner

Here are the steps on how to clean Honeywall tower fan:

  1. First, make sure that no electricity run on the fan. Turn the tower fan off and unplug the cable from the electric socket.
  2. With your screwdriver, remove the screws which anchor the casing. Then disassemble the casing.
  3. Get a vacuum cleaner and a medium-sized brush. Gently place the vacuum to the fan blades while brushing off the dust with the brush. Do this simultaneously and thoroughly.
  4. With the surface cleaner and a cloth, clean the casing and other parts of the fan.
  5. Reassemble the casing and place the screws back.

In addition, below is the simple explanation on how to clean Honeywell window fan.

  1. As usual, make sure you’ve unplugged the power cord in the first place. Then, place your window fan in an open space so it’ll be easier to clean it.
  2. Remove the grill by using your screwdriver. If you use a newer window fan model, usually you only need to press a certain button to remove the grill.
  3. Clean the grill using your brush and vacuum cleaner – just like in the tower fan’s steps. To clean it more thoroughly, you can even use a dishwasher/surface cleaner and a cloth.
  4. Clean the blades. Dishwasher can too be used for this step. As for the casing, you can use the surface cleaner as using a dishwasher may be too tricky. Since the casing is too big for your sink.
  5. Lastly, dry all the components with dry and clean cloth and put it all back together.

Well, that’s how to clean a Honeywell fan, especially a Honeywell window fan. The first thing, which is to unplug the appliance off from any electrical power, is the essential point. Besides, turn off the fan first before disassembling it.

Those are things you should know about how to clean a Honeywell fan. It’s not difficult once you get accustomed to it. Take your time to disassemble the fan and clean it with vacuum cleaner.

As an alternative, you can also use wet cloth. Whatever it is, cleaning fan regularly is highly recommended since it may bring many benefits for you.