Central Air Unit Not Blowing Cold Air Easy and Simple Fix

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What if your central air unit not blowing cold air?  You notice that your compressor is on and running and yet you don’t feel any cool air – and the house remains as hot as ever. Don’t be panicky. There are some possible reasons why the air conditioner is working but not cooling and the repair isn’t always complicated or difficult.

In fact, some of the fixes are quite easy and doable, even for homeowners with zero technical and mechanical skills. Be advised, though, that you should contact the professional service if the reason turns out to be extra difficult and complicated.

Central Air Unit Not Blowing Cold Air

The Basic Knowledge

Before you rush things and call the service, you can do some of these things to check the condition.

  • Close all doors and windows
  • Check whether the return and supply vents are open and not obstructed
  • Turn the thermostat down, it should be below the room temperature
  • Turn off the humidifiers
  • Some products have their own reset button, usually located on the outdoor unit close to the refrigerant line. You should be able to recognize it because it is in red. Once you find it, push on it. Sometimes, it only takes a simple reset push to take care of central air unit not blowing cold air.
Central Air reset button

You should realize that all electronic devices require regular maintenance and service. If you can pay attention to the proper maintenance, it will improve the energy efficiency and affect the cooling ability. As you can guess, a poorly maintained device won’t only fail to keep you cool but it will also increase the electrical bills quite drastically.

Not to mention that you may also have to deal with possible repair or replacement. You understand some of the reasons why the central air unit not blowing cold air, don’t you?

Central Air Unit air filter

How To Repair Central Air Unit Not Blowing Cold Air

Here are some things you can do when the air conditioner is working but not cooling:

Check the air filter first

You can check the air filter first to see whether it is clean or not. You may want to consider choosing a product with washable filter for easy cleaning. In the event you see ice surrounding the coils, you can clean it or replace it. The ice is a sign that there is too much diminished airflow. You should re-establish the airflow again so the ice can melt.

Clean the interior

Which means that you should clean the filters, evaporator, coil, and condenser. If any of these are clogged by dirt or filth, their performance will be seriously affected. Not to mention that dirty interior often lead to the compressor having to do extra work, causing serious damages

Check the electrical wire

In most cases, electrical wire is the core issue. Check everything thoroughly. In case you see a blown fuse or tripped breaker, immediately call the electrician.

Another possible option is to check the ductwork, responsible for distributing and delivering the cooling product. If there is a crack on the ductwork, or you notice that it doesn’t come with proper seal, it is no wonder if there is no cooling effect.

Those are some of the reasons for the central air unit not blowing cold air so be sure to do regular service and careful examination.