How to Clean a Furnace Filter Air Flow

How is it to clean the furnace filter air flow? To maintain the furnace filter box so that it can be more durable and able to work well, it is important to clean the airflow area. It is better for sure if you can clean it around once a month.

But it actually depends on your necessities. At least the filter must be cleaned or refreshed once a month. Maybe, the next question is, how is it to clean it? Here are some steps to follow.

Furnace Filter Air Flow

Clean a Furnace Filter Air Flow

Open the Filter

If you are not the experts, the process of opening the filter part of the box is probably quite difficult. However, it is not when you have some special tools. Commonly if it is the old filter box produced 10 years ago or more, make sure to prepare the tools needed.

However, the recently produced furnaces are arranged very well so that you can simply open the filter without additional tools.

How to Clean a Furnace Filter Air Flow

Use a Rug or Small Vacuum Cleaner

When the filter has been successfully opened, you can start to clean the inner part. Manually, you can use a piece of rug. Using the rug tends to be safer. However, it is probably quite difficult for you to reach the narrow areas.

Meanwhile, you can also use a vacuum cleaner but note that they too should not be too big. The tool enables you to reach tiny areas more easily. Besides, the cleaning process can be done faster.

More than anything, you should be really careful if you are deciding to use a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to apply a small power so that it will not suck the small components.

This is also why you should not clean the furnace filter box when the dust and any other dirt have been accumulated too thickly. Sure, it will be much more difficult for you to make it really clean.

Clean the Filter Area

Despite cleaning the inner body of the furnace, you also need to clean the filter area. As you see, the area is full of tiny holes in which the dirt can simply attach here. The process is just similar to the previous point. Use a piece of rug and wipe the area carefully.

Is it possible to use the vacuum cleaner? Yes, it is possible, but you need to be really careful since the filter tends to be thinner and more fragile. If you are making a wrong move, it just damages the filter.

Bring Back the Filter to Its Place

You may directly install the filter to the furnace’s body when the entire furnace air flow has been cleaned, and you are sure that it can work better. In the beginning, you actually don’t need to release all the components inside.

But if you need to do so, make sure to bring them back to the right places. Try to turn on the device. If it works properly, the furnace filter air flow is ready to use.

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