GFCI outlet won’t reset? Check this out!

About the GFCI outlet won’t reset, according to the National Fire Protection Association, around 2,400 children suffer severe trauma and burns due to electric shock because they put their hands in a power outlet plug. Even more alarming, around 12 children die from electricity every year.

GFCI outlet wont reset

The above research data increasingly reminds us of the dangers of electricity for children and the importance of creating a safe home so that your child becomes freer when playing.

Of course, you do not want your child to be the next victim. Therefore, so that bad things do not happen to your child, you should follow these tips so that children are safe from the following electrical hazards:

1. The GFCI test button won’t push in

An electric outlet is placed in the easiest place to reach and easily accessible, plus the curiosity of a large child allows your child to play with the outlet hole. That would be a lot safer if you covered the outlet to prevent children from being electrified.

An automated Socket is a socket created with a hole covered. It will open if you plug into it properly (which is both holes simultaneously). This has become the standard electrical requirement for houses since 2008, even though the GFCI outlet won’t reset.

gfci outlet what is it

A special cap is needed to keep it safe for children. It is a plastic-made socket outlet used to make it even more difficult to open, especially for a little child, which means it is safe for children.

The installation is easier than you think. You only need to insert the outlet pin cap into the outlet hole. To use it, you pull it out.

There is also another thing you can use. There is some plate in the socket’s front lid, which is mechanized by springs. It prevents kids from putting anything into it.

By using this lid, you can keep your children from using the socket for playing. Remember, kids, are curious. They can use anything as toys. It is our job to prevent them from doing it with dangerous material.

2. Close the socket and plug access

The danger of being electrocuted can also be minimized by installing a special device to close the socket access and the plug that is being installed. With this tool, your child can not carelessly pull the plug from the socket.

3. Close the electrical terminal access

Generally, parents place an electric terminal on the floor or on a table that is easily accessible to children. You realize it or not, careless terminal placement can invite danger for your child if he plays with wires or terminal holes. You must immediately prevent it by using a special tool to close access to the electrical terminal so it is not easy for children to play.

4. Use the power cord protector if the GFCI outlet won’t reset

An untidy extension of the electrical wiring creates the risk of getting stuck, falling, or being electrocuted. Even a child can carelessly pull the cable. Use a duct cord cover or tape to cover/protect the cable’s extension so children do not easily access it.

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5. What Would Cause A GFCI Not To Reset

This electrical device also needs extra attention. Immediately secure by using a special tool to close the plug pin. One of them, you can choose Plug Lock to lock the plug so that it is not plugged carelessly into the wall socket.

6. Be careful when using cable reels

Cable reels are widely used for simple reasons and have many plug holes, even though this cable reel can also be a source of danger if it is overused and used for a long time.

7. How to Reset GFCI Outlet

Children can pull the cable so that electronic goods will fall and hit the baby’s body. Secure every power cord around the place where your child plays.

If you have an automated socket, it will cut the circuit by applying the automatic breaker. The socket can be reset by pressing the breaker button.

How to Reset GFCI Outlet
How to Reset GFCI Outlet

8. Close access to electrical devices

Narrow access or close down access to electrical devices from the reach of children. Can be put a chair/sofa, table, or television rack if GFCI outlet won’t reset.

For electrical safety equipment products above, you can get them easily in shopping centres or online stores in Indonesia. Keep in mind, before practising the tips above. Please check the entire room in the house. Mark the electrical devices in each room that you consider harmful to children if the GFCI outlet won’t reset.

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