EVAP System Leak Symptoms and Other Signs

Knowing EVAP system leak symptoms can help you prevent a further issue with the car. Unfortunately, not many car owners understand or realize this. Not all car owners understand about the EVAP system, leading to them failing to see the symptoms.

About the EVAP System

EVAP (Evaporation Emission Control) system will capture the fumes (and other emissions) when the fuel is experiencing evaporation inside the fuel system and gas tank.

This system will return the vapor to the overall combustion process, designed to prevent the dangerous chemicals from reaching for air, especially when the car isn’t running or operating.

Evaporation Emission Control System

The idea is to keep the fumes stay within the tank so it won’t cause air pollution. It will also prevent the fuel smell from coming outside, especially to the car’s inside area. After all, it is not a nice smell. For some sensitive people, it isn’t enjoyable.

The Safety Concern

Some people say that it is completely okay (and even safe) to drive around with the EVAP system leak. However, such a problem will cause excessive car pollution. So, it is crucial to know some of the EVAP system leak symptoms, such as:

  • You will see that the light on the Check Engine section is always on. If you see the light turns on and you smell a smell of the fuel, you should check it. Keep in mind, though, that some cars may not produce any smell at all. The possible scenario is to check the gas cap whether it is loose or not, especially if you have just filled the tank and the light does come up.
  • The best way to do the checking is to pull over and check whether it has already been closed tightly or not.
  • If the cap has been closed off properly and yet the light is still on, then you may be dealing with more serious problems. Fuel system leak is one of the most common issues. Other possible issues are the leak defective detection pump, the faulty o-ring vent seal, defective purge valve, or other leaks within the EVAP system.

These are the common signs for leaks – or other possible internal issues. If you suspect that there is a leak inside the system, immediately go to the repair shop. You should have a professional service to check your system because you can’t have a further risk and possibility.

EVAP System Leak Symptoms

Bad Purge Valve

The problems with the EVAP system are commonly related to the bad purge valve. That’s why some people say that bad purge valve symptoms are related to the EVAP symptoms.  The symptoms of a bad purge valve include:

  • Engine misfire. If the car doesn’t run smoothly or often misfire, it is a positive sign that the purge valve has gone bad. It happens because the valve doesn’t manage to open correctly on time, leading to fuel vapors collecting within the charcoal canister.
  • Damaged gasket. Because the purge won’t open properly so the vapor won’t pass, it will create a pressure that can be so intense. Such intensity can blow out the rubber seals and gasket, leading to oil leaks, spraying to the emission system.

If you doubt the EVAP system leak symptoms, go to the professional service and have it checked.

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