Three Models of Honda Tri Fuel Generator : Which one are you Looking For?

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There are several kinds of Honda tri fuel generator on the market. All of them have different specs and amount of power. If you are going to buy one of them, it will be a good investment if there is an emergency happens to you.

You will not be panic when you experience the absence of electricity. By having one of these generator from Honda, you will still have a normal life during that kind of emergency.

That’s why it’s important to for you to buy a generator especially the one that can provide the right amount of power. So, the generator can be used not only for back up emergency but also to connect other appliances and equipment.

Why Honda generator

One of the famous brands of reliable generator is Honda, another famous brands is Yamaha, or Generac. It can deliver the power during emergency situations you need even provide power on the go. That’s why there are many products of Honda generator that are sold out fast.

They are proven to be some of the best generators that people rely on. But if you want to buy the generator of Honda, the question is which one is the most suitable with your need?

In today’s article we would like to give three models of this type generator of Honda. To determine the right amount of power you need, you can use Wattage Calculator that you can find on the internet.

This useful calculator will help you estimated the wattage you used accurately on your daily activities. It will count the wattage based on the type of equipment or appliances you running or plan.

Three types of Tri fuel generator from Honda :

Honda PSTF8500 Generator

If you are in a tight budget but you need great quality of generator, this is probably the right generator for you. This is also useful for those who live in or near California that need reliable home backup generators with CARB compliant. It will be such a great choice for you. It can run with 6,000 watts and 8,500 starting watts with 11.7 HP engine delivers.

Honda PSTF8500 Generator

Honda TFEU7000 RV Inverter Generator

For the RV community, it’s been a quiet familiar and popular generator. This generator of Honda comes with an engine of 13 HP. This engine can provide 7,000 starting watts and for running watts it can be up to 5,500 watts. It is such a great amount of wattage that can run every appliance in your RV. It has 5 gallon gas tank.

This tank is very great to back up the source of fuel just in case you are run out of propane. This generator model is also CARB approved in California.

Honda TFEU7000 RV Inverter Generator

Honda SG8400A Generator

This is the right generator that can be used at your home. It has 13 HP engine. This kind of engine can churn out up to 15,000 starting watts and for the running watts it can be up to 8,400 watts.

It will be an amazing generator if you plan to keep your air conditioner and other appliances running even though there is a total blackout in your neighborhood. It can also extend the electricity loss.

Honda SG8400A Generator

So, have you figured out which one tri fuel generator that is the right for you?

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