Average Cost Of Hot Water Heater Installation

Are you going to install a water heater in your home? If so, you need to know the price which you will spend to install a water heater. Here, the price of a water heater is different in each type.

So, before you choose a water heater that is suitable for your home and your budget, you need to compare the water heater’s products.

However, you may have no information about the price which is offered. Fortunately, here we have some information about the average cost of water heater installation, which is usually charged to the customers. Here, you can read the information below.

Cost Of Hot Water Heater Installation

What makes the price different?

When we talk about why the price is different, we have to know the type and the quality first. For example, you may wonder why an electric water heater’s price is higher than a gas water heater.

Here, we can inform you that the process and the materials used to make a water heater are different. Not only that, the time which will be needed to heat the water is also faster. Besides, the waste can be minimized and optimized.

So, what are the differences?

For the electric water heater, of course, the energy used is related to electricity. Besides, an electric water heater will not work during a power outage. As been described before, the energy which is used is more efficient. You can save 90 percent of energy.

The price which you should pay to purchase this water heater is around $300 to $2.880. It depends on the additional features, the brands, and the materials. For the quality, you may know what differs each product.

If you are going to purchase a gas water heater, of course, you will use natural gas as the source of its energy. Here, this type of water heater can work during a power outage. For the recovery rate, this gas water heater has more capacity than an electric water heater.

While an electric water heater can only recover 14 gallons per hour, this water heater can reach 50 gallons. For energy efficiency, this water heater can only save 60% – 70%. The price which is offered to purchase this water heater is around $250 to $1500.

What about the cost of installation?

The cost which will be charged to you is around $300 to $450. However, it also depends on the type of heater. For example, if you install a tankless gas heater, the cost you will pay is around $1.200. If we talk about the average cost of water heater installation, you need to prepare money around $1500 to $3000.

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