Maytag Serial Number Lookup Guide for Various House Appliances

Maytag is a renowned brand that manufactures various appliances for households, from washer and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and many other types. It has existed for decades, and so do their products.

maytag serial number lookup

If you own one of their products, you can determine your appliance’s age by looking at its serial number. How can you do the Maytag serial number lookup? See how it works in the following explanation.

Maytag Serial Number Lookup

The digit numbers in Maytag products’ serial numbers are increased by time. That being said, it’s just the last two digits in the code that comprised of alphabet characters instead of numbers that refer to:

  1. First alphabet character: manufacturing year
  2. Second alphabet character: manufacturing month

By using the serial number, you’d be able to identify the product model as well as its production year. It might sound like an insignificant benefit, but it’d be an essential piece of information if your Maytag appliances ever require repair or a key component replacement order.

You still need to use a reference guide to read the serial number as a whole. There are plenty of online document resources you can download to use as our Maytag appliances reference point. Alternatively, you may use the manual book that comes with the product.

The label of the serial number is often hidden and difficult to locate. If you can’t seem to find the location and read the label, use the guide below:

  1. Locate the serial numbers. Maytag appliances’ serial numbers label is sometimes placed in one or more locations. The manufacturer usually kept the sticker label in areas that less likely to be touched. For example, Maytag often puts their refrigerator products’ serial numbers in the top-left nook of the fruit and veggie liner.
  1. Determine the code for the year and month of manufacturing. As explained briefly prior, there are two alphabet characters in every Maytag products’ serial number that refer to the year and month of production, at the 9th and 10th characters of the code.
  1. If you are looking for how old my appliance is by serial number, note that sometimes Maytag uses two different characters that refer to the same year or month. For instance, the letters X and Z refer to the same month, which is December.  

Maytag Dishwasher Serial Number Lookup

Of the many types of appliances produced by Maytag, one of them is the dishwasher. Their models are known to have advanced technology features, such as Dual Power Filtration that dismiss the need to do pre-rinse or PowerBlast cycle that incorporates high pressure and heat to tackle the toughest dirt on your dishes.

Maytag Dishwasher Serial Number Lookup

To perform Maytag serial number lookup year of dishwasher products, you may locate the sticker label on:

  1. The underneath area of the control panel
  1. The top-left nook of the dishwasher’s frame

Maytag Dryer Serial Number Lookup

Maytag washer and dryer products help you to maintain your clean clothes by eliminating even the toughest of stains. You may perform Maytag serial number lookup on their washed and dryer products by locating the sticker label on:

Maytag Dryer Serial Number Lookup
  1. The top left section of the back cabinet area
  1. The inside part of the back frame
  1. The inside part of the dryer’s door
  1. For Maytag’s gas dryers, the behind area of the access panel

Again, you can do Maytag serial number lookup by simply looking at the manual guide you are given when buying the appliances. However, this has the possibility to result in incorrect information, as the manual guide book is typically used for a few different models instead of the specific model of your appliances.

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