Coleman Powermate 1850 Generator Specifications

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Coleman powermate 1850 generator is one option of generator unit for anyone who is looking for the small and portable power source. This is great support for camping power source. This unit will also be great power support for van trailers or for mobile home.

Is it not good enough for home power backup? Of course it is not. This generator unit surely can be a great power backup to support the home safeness. The power system will use gas as the main fuel. It can be suitable for electronic devices.

The fact that this unit is small, people will be able to move it very easily. However, why do not we know more about the specification of this generator unit?

Coleman Powermate 1850 Engine

Engine of course will be very important element which people must consider when they are looking for the best generator unit. This unit supports the Briggs & Stratton engine with 3.5 serp. It comes with four cylinders. That is why this unit will be able to provide the full strength which can reach 1,500-1,850 m.

Coleman Powermate 1850 Engine

With this power production, people are able to use this generator unit for supporting many electronics including television, lights, radio, and even microwave oven when they are camping. This is surely a useful portable generator unit for any camper.

Coleman Powermate 1850 Run Time

Next thing which must be considered must be the run time. This generator unit can be reliable for supporting various camping appliances. At 50% load and full tank condition, this generator unit can run for about 3.5 hours. When people find that the generator unit is stuttering, it means that the unit is getting low of fuel.

Coleman Powermate 1850 Generator

It can be considered as indicator that another gallon fuel must be added to the tank. The maximum capacity of the power tank is pretty small actually. It can afford one gallon fuel capacity.

Powermate 1850 Arrester of Spark

The generator unit comes with the specific spark arrester. This feature will give the alert in specific conditions. The alert will appear when the unit suffers from malfunction or kindle plugs misfire of the engine. With the alert, users will be able to turn off the unit so the fires as well as damages can be avoided.

Coleman Powermate 1850 Safety

There is grounding lug which can be found in this generator unit. It is useful for avoiding the shocks and also the surges. The wire item should be connected into the ground lug. It also has to be connected opposite side of the metal pipe with the longest tail for the RV.

Preventing mil safe can be done as well by connecting to the metal bar. The protections can be found further since the unit comes with AC plus DC so the damage can be avoided when the unit is working.

Coleman 1850 Environmental Range

This generator unit has small size because it is portable model. It can be used outdoor at the recommended temperature range. There is suggestion that the unit should be kept at 0 P and also 114 degrees Fahrenheit. A handle and rubber caster becomes other features from coleman powermate 1850 Watt.

And no need to worry about the parts because it is available online, for details you can download at coleman generator manual

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