How To Turn Off Electric Water Heater ?

If you have a water heater, this may be very helpful for you. For example, if you want to know how to turn off the electric water heater, you need to follow the steps that will not make your water heater break. Here, you need to identify what kind of water heater do you have in your home first.

In common, there are 2 types of water heater which people use. The first is a gas water heater. The second is an electric water heater. When you don’t know your water heater type, we will share with you how to recognize your water heater first.

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How do you identify the water heater?

When we talk about identifying the water heater we use in our home, we need to check some points that show the difference. If you are going to check whether or not you use an electric water heater, you need to see an electrical cable in the water heater.

Here, this cable is usually made of metal or plastic. Moreover, when your water heater doesn’t have any vents, it can be said that you use an electric water heater.

How to identify the water heater

Not only that, but you can also check the lower and upper panels that exist in your water heater. If they can be found, it means that you use an electric water heater. Besides, an electric water heater does not have a gas burner and gas lines.

Here, this stuff is the most common part of building gas water heaters. So, if your water heater does not have this stuff, it is obvious that it is not a gas water heater.

So, How do you turn off the electric water heater?

When you want to turn off your electric water heater, there are some steps you have to take. Here, the steps are proper and as the standard. So, you don’t need to be worried about safety.

  1. The first thing you have to do is shut off the power connected to your water heater.
  2. Afterward, it would help if you tagged the breaker to make sure your water heater doesn’t turn on again.
  3. Then, you need to cool down the water which is left inside the tank.
  4. Make sure that the supply of cold water to the tank is shut off.
  5. Then, open the hot water faucet in the proper place.
How to turn off electric water heater

Besides, if you want to know how to turn off the electric water heater properly, you can ask for a professional’s help.

Why? Because if it is your first time, you should be assisted by an expert.

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