How to Clean Garbage Disposal Unit with Easy Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

Like other house appliances, garbage disposal requires cleaning now and then. Otherwise, it makes an ideal ground for mold and bacteria, as tiny food waste pieces may get stuck and slowly decay, and the grease may form a gooey substance behind.

If you want to know how to clean garbage disposal with baking soda and vinegar, then read and follow the guide below.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal

  1. Unplug from the power source

If the disposal is connected to the power outlet typically located under the sink, you need to pull it out and disconnect the electricity supply. Alternatively, you may cut off the power by switching off the breaker box.

  1. Clean the splash guard

Also commonly referred to as baffle or gasket, the splash guard may have plenty of greases and tiny food particles caught between its notches and grooves. You need to use a scrubbing brush or unused toothbrush and dish detergent, then pull the splash guard to clean it by removing any gunk or debris.

  1. Get rid of the food debris

Now that you have lifted the splash guard flash the disposal unit to examine any food waste crumbs that may escape the grinder. Reach and remove these pieces by using pliers or tongs. Remember not to stick your fingers into the disposal because while the blades are inactive, they still have sharp edges.

  1. Pour in the cleaning materials

Create a DIY cleaning solution by using baking soda and vinegar drain. First, pour in baking soda (half a cup) and allow it to settle for half an hour. Next, measure vinegar (one cup) and pour it in. The mix between both materials will form a bubbly and foamy liquid that removes away the dirt and filth within your disposal unit. Let it works for three minutes before rinsing the unit with hot water.

how to clean garbage disposal with baking soda and vinegar
  1. Scrub the disposal by using salt and ice cubes

To remove the remaining buildup and clean the blades, you need to create an effective scrub. Put back the splash guard and plug in the unit to the power source again before pouring ice cubes approximately two cups and salt (a cup). Activate the disposal and run until the ice cubes are grinded.

  1. Freshen up the unit’s scent

The last step in the guide on how to clean garbage disposal is to refresh the smell by using citrus. You can use any citrus, with lemon peel’s most common option. Dump the citrus fruit’s peels into the unit, stream the tap water in cold temperature, and get it going. The fruity scent from citrus will rejuvenate the smell of the entire sink.

Deep cleaning a disposal unit is not complex at all. Moreover, if you follow the guide on how to clean garbage disposal above, you’re most likely to have the cleaning ingredients at home. They are all-natural ingredients, which can be safer for metal material than chemical cleaners.

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