Why Does My Toilet Flush Twice? How to Fix it

You might have noticed that your toilet flushes twice after you use it at certain times. However, you do not seem to recall pressing the handle the second time.

This seems to be a fault that could happen to anyone and anywhere. The second flush indicates some problems with the toilet system. It might sound trivial, but it is not. The second flush is nothing out of importance. Therefore, you need to fix it immediately. This article will discuss the reason behind it and how to fix it. Check it out.

why does my toilet flush twice

Why Does My Toilet Flush Twice?

The toilet flushes twice could happen to anyone. These two reasons could cause the double flush at your toilet. Here they are:

  1. There Are Too Much Water In The Tank

The most common cause of double-flushing toilets is the tank’s water level. The tank that holds too much water could cause the excess to overflow when flushed. Therefore, the tank refills quickly while also continuing to flow some extra water to the toilet bowl. Excessive water could also be caused by improper filling valves in your home.

  1. There Is a Problem with the Toilet Flapper

The other reason behind the second flushing toilet is the toilet flapper. This is the part that looks like a little rubber. This is the toilet part that allows water to flow into the bowl. If the toilet flapper is not adjusted correctly or does not weigh enough, the second flush at your toilet might happen.

The toilet flapper that is lightweight or improper will not close as quickly as it should when flushing the toilet. Hence, the water would continue to pour into the toilet bowl even after the first flush. Replacing the flapper could be the solution.

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How to Fix A Double-Flushing Toilet

To fix the double-flush toilet, you need to understand how the toilet works. Knowing your toilet system could help indicate the problem when something unusual happens. Since the toilet is important for daily use, it is appropriate to repair any damage as quickly as possible. Therefore, you and your family can feel more comfortable.

Modern toilets usually use a gravity system. When the water is flushed from the tank, it will drain to the sewer line. If you flush the toilet, the valve will open. Then it will allow water to refill the tank at a certain level. The other amount of water will go to the overflow tube, and then the bowl will be refilled.

If the flapper is not quite heavy enough to close, the toilet will be flushed twice. The water from the tank will come out into the bowl, which will waste water usage.

To fix this problem, you could adjust the flapper. First, make sure that the toilet flapper is in a tight seal. If that is not working, you could try to change the toilet flapper to a new one that is heavier.

  • How To Fix Too Much Water On Tank:

If the tank contains too much water, the second flush will happen. You can try this way to fix this. First, locate the float arm, then use a screwdriver to adjust the screw on the top of the fill valve. The float arm will drop slightly and prevent the second flush from happening.


However, some people want to ignore it and go on with their lives. This double-flush toilet could cause discomfort in your home if not handled professionally. Therefore, if you find this at home, seek some information and solve it immediately.

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