How to Install Drip Edge on Shed Roof – Step by Step Guide

Building a shed with waterproof features for the inside part is already a common practice. However, it is possible to forget about the outside – which is actually important considering it has to fight against rain or snow.

The best method to prevent water from getting into your shed is by installing a drip edge. Read about the tutorial on how to install drip edge on the shed roof below.

How to Install Drip Edge on Shed Roof

Regardless of the shed’s material or profile, installing drip edge is a project that can be done even by a beginner in DIY activities. Here’s the guide for installing drip edge on the existing roof and new roof.

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How to Install Drip Edge on Shed Roof
  1. Start from the eaves to install the drip edge. Set the drip edge according to so it will align to prevent running water into the gutter. The tip that has a flare or flange must face away from the roof and point down.
  1. Next, how to install a drip edge on the shed roof is to secure the drip edge using nails for roofing. The shingle should cover the nails, so set it high up on the drip edge. 12 inches is the typical distance between each nail, and make sure that each of the drip edges overlaps with the other by one inch.

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  1. To make sure of a proper fit, make a cut when you get to the corner where the eave meets the rake edge. Set the drip edge over the rake edge and put a mark on a spot one inch further from where the drip edge starts to overhang.
  1. Using the second mark guide, cut the drip edge accordingly so that the drip edge extension hangs by the edge by merely an inch. Cut the upmost part out by the first mark, then attempt to make the cut perpendicular so the square part can be left out.
  1. Install drip edge like usual and form a corner by bending the flap. This corner will be completed when the drip edge is installed on the rakes.
  1. After the drip edge has covered the eaves, lay the underlayment so it is set under the drip edge on the rake area but above the drip edge on the eave area.
  1. Install out the drip edge on the rake by using a nail, just like the prior method.
  1. Install the drip edge on the rake over the top part of the flap left when you install it at the eave part, on the area where the edge of the eave and rake meet.

Now, you’re done with the installation part, but how to finish the top edge of a shed roof? Even if the installation principle is similar, there are some differences. For example, you have to cut shingles in the final row to strip a shape that will cover nails, then put sealant on the nails and all over the top edges.

The guide on installing drip edge on the shed roof is great to make sure that your shed will stay dry. It’s also a cost-effective way to protect its structure and adds a nice touch to the building profile.

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