Vole vs Mole: Knowing the Differences and How to Deal with Voles

You probably don’t know the basic difference between vole vs. mole. People often mistake them as the same species because they both live underground. Not to mention that they look alike. However, they are quite different in nature, and if you want to pay detailed attention to the form and shape, they are quite different.

Vole vs Mole Difference

The Basic Difference

So, where should you start in the vole vs. mole battle? Moles are underground creatures, and they are specialized for it. That’s why they have small eyes with concealed ears (with furs), and also paddle-like forefeet, useful for digging.

They don’t have any external ears. They are insectivores, which means that their main meal is invertebrates and insects.  When they turn your soil upside down, they will create small piles of holes here and there.

Vole vs Mole

Vole is basically rodents, and the size is almost similar to the moles. They have small ears with black eyes. The face is blunt with big orange front teeth – useful for gnawing. They are included in herbivores, which means that they eat mostly seeds, roots, and grasses. When they are turning your soil upside down, they will create a net-like hole.

Whatever their differences are, both of them are pesky – they will definitely create mess and damages to your yard. Knowing some of the ways to get rid of them will be handy. After all, there are some great options in the methods and solutions.

The Problems with Voles

Now that you have understood the differences between vole vs. mole, you may want to dig deeper about the voles. They are not commonly discussed or talked about, but they are surely annoying and pesky.  The biggest problem with voles is that they will eat almost anything.

If you grow fruits or veggies, they will definitely eat those things. What if you have plants or flowers? These voles will damage your yard, for sure. Not to mention that these voles are breeding machines, which means that they will make babies anyway and anytime they can.

vole damage

You probably want to know more about getting rid of voles naturally, but try to avoid poison as best as possible. The voles will undergo slow and excruciating pain, and it is completely inhumane. There are still other ways to get rid of them without actually harming them.

How to Control the Voles

There are some things that you can do, including

  • Modification to the habitat. If you can make your yard inhospitable or uncomfortable for the voles, they won’t live in it any longer. Remove brush piles because they are the homes for voles. Remove any wood piles, trash, or low bushes. Even the sheds and soil. If it is possible, remove mulch around trees.
  • Building a fence. By building a fence, you can protect your yard from their visit—smaller hardware cloth or mesh. Make sure to bury the fence more than a foot down because voles dig. They don’t climb, though, so be sure that your fence is at least 12 inches above the ground. If you live in a snowy area, make sure that your fence is taller than the snow’s standard maximum depth.

There are still more effective ways to get rid of the voles, or moles, without hurting them. As long as you know the basic difference between vole vs. mole, you should be able to find the right way.

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