Why are There So Many Flies in My House? Find Out the Reasons

“Why are there so many flies in my house?” you asked. Well, if you ask such a question, you’re not the only one. Many people are dealing with that kind of occurrence. Flies are inevitably one of the most common animals that may go in and out of your house. Yet, if it appears too much, you indeed will feel vexed. Find out what may cause it by reading the article below.

Understanding Why Flies Loves Your House

Well, who likes to be disturbed by non-pets like flies? Besides its existence in the house that’s not expected, it may become a nuisance since it is known to bring germs.

It is better if we understand first why and what causes a lot of flies in the house. Not to forget, we’ll discuss how to get rid of these little flying animals as well.

  1. Why many flies come into your house

We know that house flies breed and eat in filthy areas – like feces, garbage, rotting heaps, or such. Does it mean your house is so dirty that it invites flies? Probably, it does, but there are some other possibilities: your house’s windows/doors are cracked or poor sanitation you got there.

why are there so many flies in my house
  1. Where to find these pests

You may see them lingering mainly on one specific spot only, for example, near the trash can or around some rotten food. So, when you suddenly ask yourself, ‘Why are there so many flies in my house?’ you should consider looking at these spots mentioned. If you find any favorite ‘summer camp’ for these black bugs, try to get them out.

Garden with its rotten leaves, attic with its dead rat (if any), or kitchen with piling garbage are spots that have inclinations to get swarmed with flies.

  1. How to get rid of these bugs

Now that you realize there are many black bugs, how to get rid of flies in the house quickly? To do that, trace its source by:

  • Checking whether there are unsealed cracks around your house – be it windows, doors, walls, or screens. If that’s the case, you can put on some stuff that comes as a sealant.
  • Completing your bug-shooing processes by cleaning your house from any:
    • Rotten food. Flies love to eat and party over rotten stuff.
    • Fresh food that offers loads of sugary contents. Under this category, you may find overripe fruits, spilled juice, soda, or even alcohol.
    • ‘Bloody’ materials, like raw meat or fish. Moreover, if these raw foods are rotten and disclosed.
    • Dead animals, such as rats.
    • Wet pet food. Your pet(s) may not eat the whole wet food all at once. This may become another party spot for our little party-goer bugs. Clean often, and consider providing your pet in a little amount yet frequent.

If you clean your house thoroughly from any triggers, naturally, the flies will go away. Try to let in fresh air to come in and remove those stinks away. However, don’t keep it for too long. As long as the humidity reduces and your house got fresh air already, it is advised to close any entry port to avoid it from coming back. That way, you won’t need to ask, ‘why are there so many flies in my house anymore.

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