The Capacity Of A Water Heater Is Measured In What ?

The water heater is an undeniably essential appliance in our home. This item will be primarily beneficial when we need some warm bath to unwind from a hectic day, and this one is exactly what you need during winter. Each water heater has a measurement that makes its price different from one another.

However, the capacity of a water heater is measured in what? If you wonder about the same question, make sure to read through this article.

What is the Capacity of a Water Heater Measured in?

If you want to purchase a water heater, knowing the right size will be crucial. Since there are different sizes, you must know which size could accommodate your needs. Regarding this, you should know that the water heaters available for home and commercial buildings will be much different.

The answer to your question is that the capacity of a water heater is measured in gallons. In the United States, this will be the measurement unit. But on the other side of the world, that may differ. Typically, aside from using gallons, people use liter in measuring a water heater capacity.

The Capacity Of A Water Heater

Water heater measurements are not only based on the capacity in gallons. There are several other ways to measure a water heater: the recovery time, dimension, and flow rate.

  • The recovery time

The recovery time is a measurement benchmark for the water heater. This can also categorize a water heater, but this type of categorization is not shared. That said, this will typically be displayed together with the capacity in the volume measurement unit.

The recovery time can be defined as the time required to resupply the water heater with a particular water flow at a set temperature. Related to pricing, the higher the recovery time is, the higher the price will be.

  • Dimension

We all know what dimension is—it simply deals with width and height. In a water heater, it is also the same. But, different brands have an extra dimension for their water heater, despite the same capacity.

For example, a Rheem 40 gallon water heater dimensions are 49.25” for the height, 21” for the width, and 21” for the depth. While for an A.O. Smith water heater with the same capacity, you will get an 18” for the width and depth, and 58.25” for the height.

Knowing the dimension of your water heater will be crucial, especially if you are living in a limited space. Hence, not only the capacity you should have a consideration at, but the dimension is also required to think about.

  • The flow rate

The flow rate of a water heater isn’t that much recognized unless the water heater is a tankless one. This measurement aspect will impact the product’s price, of course. Aside from the flow rate, typically, a tankless water heater also has its temperature increase speed as its pricing and quality benchmarks.

That said, the higher the flow rate and the temperature increase per time, the higher the price will be. But always consider about the use as well. If you install a water heater for your business building, that will be better to take a water heater with high GPM to fulfill the water demand.

That sums up the answer of ‘the capacity of a water heater is measured in what?’. To conclude, there are several aspects you can take as the way to classify your water heater.

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