How to Walk on Roof Tiles without Causing Any Damage

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Concrete and clay tiles are excellent roofing materials as they have more durability than shingles. Still, if there is too much pressure on them, they can easily crack or break.

When repairs are needed, that is where one of the most challenging tasks begins, especially when walking on roof tiles.

If you don’t know the right techniques you should apply, you may easily crack the roof or worse, break it. So, how to walk on roof tiles in a safe way and without damaging the roof itself?

How to Walk on Roof Tiles in the Right Way

In fact, there are many reasons why people have to go to the roof. Either to repair broke roof tiles or cleaning it, walking on the roof requires a lot of things.

How to Walk on Roof Tiles

It may look easy, but the action itself brings so many levels of risk. That is why knowing how to walk on roof tiles in the safest way possible and in the right way is highly matter.

1. Safety First

Each action has a consequence. This saying is very relatable in this topic. Before getting to the answer on how to walk on the roof, make sure you first perform personal safety.

It’s vital for every homeowner because the roof height of some two-story homes can be between 20 and 25 feet from the ground. To avoid any unwanted accidents, it would be best not to walk on the roof when it’s still wet, or just let the professionals do the job.

2. Use Soft-soled Shoes

Apart from personal safety, no one wants to break the roof as well. So, how to protect the roof when walking on it? Avoid wearing shoes with a hard sole since it may enhance the chances of breaking the tiles. Besides, it will limit the way you move on the roof tiles.

Do wear shoes with soft sole instead, such lightweight work boots or sneakers to get an excellent grip as walking around on them. Also, avoid wearing shoes with open toes such as flip-flops or sandals since they don’t provide any protection either.

3. Use a Ladder

Over time, moss, algae, and dirt can mount up on the roof tiles. Cleaning the roof tiles is a must thing to do since it will cause many damages to the roof. Go get a ladder to get access to the roof safely. However, how to clean a tile roof? There are several actions that can be performed, such as:

  • Cleaning the roof tiles using a pressure washer, but it’s not recommended since it may cause more damage.
  • Manually cleaning the tiles using a stiff brush or trowel.

Well, those are the answers on how to walk on roof tiles in the right way. However, there are more things you need to keep in mind while walking on the roof. Make sure to avoid the weak roof spots and water channels, as well as not leap, jump, or even walk quickly from one spot to another.