How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal with Standing Water

Garbage disposal placed in the kitchen receives so many types of stuff down the drain daily. Sometimes, a problem will arise if you send a large number of things.

Here’s the tutorial on how to unclog a garbage disposal with standing water in several simple steps.

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal Step by Step

The common reaction when one finds out about garbage disposal not draining is to reach chemical drain cleaner. However, do you know that this substance has the ability to damage and corrode the pipes?

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal with Standing Water

The chemical inside cleaner liquid may give damage beyond repair to the metal blades and plastic components on your disposal unit.

It is indeed frustrating to have your garbage disposal clogged. The thing is, the clogged occurrence usually goes unnoticeable until they start to not working. Don’t worry, as the steps below explain how to unclog a drain with standing water with simple tricks.

  1. Begin by unplugging your garbage disposal. You should never fix a drain if the garbage disposal power is still turned on.
  1. Create a natural cleaner by mixing half a cup of vinegar and a quarter of baking soda. Let it sit in the drain for several minutes, then wash the liquid out from the faucet with hot water.
  1. Let the water run for a while to get rid of the clog. If necessary, repeat the steps.
  1. You may find the clog persists even after performing the steps several times. In case it does, peer into the drain and see if there’s any foreign object such as utensil or bone by using a flashlight. If there’s indeed something that’s not supposed to be there, reach it out by using nose pliers or tongs.
  1. Rerun the water and turn the garbage disposal on.
  1. If you find the procedure of how to unclog a garbage disposal with standing water above doesn’t work, try to loosen the clog by using a plunger. Clamp the tip of the dishwasher line to avoid your hose popping off the nozzle when the sink drain is plunged.
  1. Locate the plunger right above the sink drain so that the drain will be entirely covered by it. Let water fills in the sink and covers the plunger’s lip. Then plunge the drain strongly for about one minute.
  1. Remove the plunger and see if the water can flow through. Repeat the procedure several times if you see that it’s still clogged. Suppose the clogging issue is resolved, run hot water through for several minutes to ensure that any accumulated residue is carried away.

Remember that the combination of electricity and water is hazardous. That’s why you have to be really sure that you have cut the power by switching the outlet off under the cabinet or on the wall.

The guide on unclogging garbage disposal with standing water above can be done without using help from professional plumbers that may cost you a lot or without using harmful chemical products.

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