Easiest Steps on How to Reset an Air Conditioner Unit

Air conditioning is a system that’s able to keep your home fresh and comfortable during an unbearable heat-wave in the summer. Just like any other home appliances, air conditioning is also prone to many problems. On some occasions, it can’t work properly as you expect.

Resetting the air conditioner is the best way that can be done to solve the problem. So, how to reset an air conditioner unit? Some people might instinctively call the service provider of air conditioning when they face such an issue.

How to Reset an Air Conditioner Unit

However, you can actually repair it by yourself by following some simple tips below.

How to Reset an Air Conditioner Unit in Simple Ways

By performing a quick reset, some air conditioner unit problems can be solved easily. Either the entire unit isn’t working properly, or the outside part is not functioning, reset is a highly recommended tried-and-tested method. Wonder how to reset an air conditioner unit? Here are the simple steps you can perform.

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1. Shut the AC Off

Before resetting the AC, make sure there’s a normal power supply. If there’s a brown-out, turn on the light and check for full power. Once the power is running properly, reset the AC unit.

To get the unite reset, turn off the AC by pressing the reset button. But where is the reset button on the air-conditioning unit? Every AC unit has a reset button that is usually in red color and small size, and it should be marked clearly.

After that, press the reset button for 3 seconds continuously. Press it again for 3 seconds, and their AC will respond with beeping sounds. The AC should be reset as soon as possible.

2. Resetting AC Remote Control

AC remote control that doesn’t work correctly is another issue that can be solved quickly. The question is how to reset the air conditioner remote control? The answer is pretty simple.

Change the remote battery with a new one, and it will be reset automatically. Some remotes have a reset button, do press it when the remote still can’t function.

However, some of the AC units have a different system that makes the resetting process is different from other brands. Like LG, for example, when the AC units go wrong, that sounds like a nightmare for many new people to this brand.

How to reset the LG air conditioner is definitely the most frequently asked inquiry. Most people will immediately call the professional to fix the problem. But you can actually solve it by yourself by following simple ways below:

  1. Unplug the unit for at least ten seconds in an unplugged condition.
  2. Plug the unit back.
  3. Find the power button and press the AC unit back on.

That’s how to reset an air conditioner unit in the easiest ways. Rather than going straight to calling the professionals to fix the AC problem, do perform some easy tips above first. Do call the professionals when the AC unit still can’t function properly.

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