AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air: Some of the Common Reasons

Have an air conditioner, but your AC isn’t blowing cold air? It’s not an uncommon problem, anyway. In fact, it is one of the most common issues that may happen to all houses or properties.

It may not be a big deal for some houses, but it may be a huge problem for some areas, especially those with high temperatures. So, what should you know about this problem, anyway?

Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

You need to realize that the AC is basically a complicated and complex system. It requires a perfect combination of pressure, airflow, and temperature to work correctly or properly. When your AC isn’t blowing cold air, some possible reasons cause it.

The good thing is: it doesn’t always need a costly fix to deal with the issue. In some cases, you may be able to deal with it on your own, but you may have to consult professional services in others.

AC not Blowing Cold Air Causes

So, what happens to your unit when the air conditioner is working but not cooling?

The installation is incorrect or improper

You have just installed the AC, and yet it doesn’t cool the house. The installation may be done incorrectly. It is also possible that the AC is too small for the house – or it is also possible that it is too big. You can manage it by having a professional service to fix the problem. If you have extra budget, you can install the second unit because the first one is obviously not working.

Low level of refrigerant

If your refrigerant level is low, it explains why your AC isn’t blowing cold air. Refrigerant is the main item that can produce cool air. When the level is too low, it is logical if your unit doesn’t want to produce cool air. You need to contact a professional service that will measure the unit’s level. The used refrigerant will be disposed of properly, and replaced by the new.

Neglected condenser unit

A lot of homeowners tend to overlook the maintenance, especially the condenser, which is located outside. To run well, it should have good and unobstructed airflow. But in most cases, the condenser is located outside on the below area, so it is often covered by grass and weeds.

The solution is to maintain the lawn. It is also possible that a nearby tree has debris that may fall on the condenser. You should perform a regular check at least twice a year. If you haven’t cleaned the condenser for a year and it is not cooling, now you know why.

troubleshooting AC Isnt Blowing Cold Air

Other Possible Cases

It is possible that your unit doesn’t get enough airflow it needs. Or it is also possible that there is an electrical issue leading to the problem. If you doubt the condition and are really clueless about where to start, you should contact the pro.

It is better to spend extra money than cause further damage or problems. Now that you already know some reasons for AC isn’t blowing cold air, what do you think happens to your unit?

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