How to Remove Flex Seal in Simple Steps

How to remove Flex Seal that turns you annoyed? As Flex Seal gets more and more popular, people are trying everything they have in mind to be used as the experiment which can bring more invention and ideas for projects. In fact, during the experiments there must be some unavoidable mistakes that occurred.

How to Remove Flex Seal

You could have sprayed the Flex Seal in the places or in the area that you aren’t supposed to spray it into. It may bring someone into terror since they didn’t intend it to happen that way.

Don’t worry and be still since we have the solution for you guys. Here are some tips on removing the Flex Seal in a few different surfaces.

How to Remove Flex Seal Different Surfaces ?

How to Remove Flex Seal

Different surfaces would need different treatments to solve. They are some different surfaces that people need to know before taking an action. They are metal, fabric, wood, cars and also carpet. We will explain it one by one.


When you accidentally sprayed Flex Seal into those surfaces made by metal, you have to take action as soon as possible. Here what you need to do:

  1. Take some damp rag or cloth and acetone.
  2. Scrub the area that has been sprayed with Flex Seal until it fades and disappears.
  3. These two steps have to be repeated as long as you are patient enough in scrubbing the area by using cloth and also acetone.


It works different when your cloth gets in touch with Flex Seal. You have to be totally careful in removing it. In fact, you need to remove the usage of acetone.

  1. You can use mineral spirit that has no bleaching and let it blot the stain out.
  2. Don’t scrub anything or you will damage the cloth or the fabric you have.


Wood can work quite similar to cloth. It doesn’t accept the usage of acetone to remove the Flex Seal completely. You can follow these steps.

  1. Pour the mineral spirit into the wood. And yes, no bleaching please.
  2. Scrub the stain made by Flex Seal until it is perfectly clean.


It would be different when your lovely cars got sprayed by Flex Seal. Most people would be freak out when it happens to them. In fact, those annoying stains might go away by following these steps:

  1. Put on toluene or thinner for paint on the affected area.
  2. By using a rag, rub it profusely.

You don’t have to be worried since it won’t ruin the original color of the car and it won’t damage the car’s surface too.


Meanwhile, for the carpet would be different from those previously mentioned. You should avoid using acetone since you will need toluene or thinner for paint in very small amount. After that you can just scrub the carpet and wait until it goes back to normal.

It works the same on how to remove Flex Seal from concrete. These are the simplest way that you can try when you really want to know on how to remove Flex Seal.

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