How to Keep Centipedes Away: 3 Best Ways

It is quite necessary to know the right way on how to keep centipedes away. Centipedes are predators that live in damp environments and dark places such as under rocks, in crawl spaces, and behind leaf litter. These creatures are known for their many pairs of legs, which can be alarming.

As centipedes are the arthropods that can emerge in areas like your bathroom, it’s crucial to be vigilant, especially when children are involved. Addressing centipede problems before they escalate is key to maintaining a comfortable home.

How to Keep Centipedes Away

Strategies to be Away from Centipedes

When confronted by a centipede, some may kill centipedes immediately, while others might opt for a catch-and-release approach. However, to prevent centipedes from becoming an issue, consider these strategies:

Furthermore, you may follow these simple strategies.

  1. Ensure that your house is dry

Centipedes thrive in damp areas, so maintaining a dry environment is essential. Regularly cleaning damp basements and utilizing dehumidifiers can deter centipedes from making your home theirs. By eliminating their preferred food source, which includes other small insects, you can make your home less inviting to them.

Thus, you need to regularly spare time to clean out your damp basements and the bathroom so that it will never come to you. You can also use dehumidifiers so that they will seek other places to live.

  1. Take benefits from the sticky traps

Do house centipedes bite? No, they won’t be able to use sticky traps in your basement and the bathroom. Where to put the sticky traps? Well, you can place all of them in those corners where they often come out. The good thing about this sticky trap is that you will also trap the centipedes and other kinds of insects.

When you have used these sticky traps, the number of insects and centipedes will dramatically decrease. It could be a good idea for you if you have the idea of eliminating both annoying insects. However, there would be special sticky traps that you can’t replace with the common sticky notes or tapes.

  1. Close its entrance

Sealing off entry points can significantly reduce the likelihood of centipedes entering your home. This includes door and window frames where small gaps might invite these unwelcome guests. Weather stripping and caulk can seal these entrances effectively.

Furthermore, natural repellents like essential oils can be a pleasant, chemical-free method to deter centipedes. Peppermint and tea tree oil are particularly effective, creating a barrier that centipedes are reluctant to cross.

Should these measures not suffice, consulting a pest control company can provide a more comprehensive solution to preventing centipedes from entering your home. Professional services can offer tailored strategies and peace of mind.

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