How to Install Drip Edge on a Metal Roof on Your Own

Everyone always seeks tips on how to install drip edge on a metal roof. Many people think that completing the roof structure with a drip edge will surely help them prevent the roof from breaking down faster.

The drip edge is useful to flow the water and excess moisture from being on the roof for too long. So, can you install them on your own? Well, you surely can.

How to Install Drip Edge on a Metal Roof

These are the steps to make sure you can install the drip edge on the roof properly. By reading these tips on installing a drip edge on a metal roof, you can do the projects easier.

How to Install Drip Edge on a Metal

Mark the Eave Trim

The first thing that you have to do is marking the eave trip. Before doing that, make sure you know whether your roof is compatible with the drip edge or not. Do I need a drip edge for a metal roof?

For the metal roof, the answer is yes. However, for like wooden roof and the one with clay, it does not really necessary.

Tracing the Fascia and the Gable Board

The next thing that you do on the installation is tracking the fascia and the gable board. Ensure that installing drip edge on the existing metal roof and any other types of roof are done carefully not to mess with the fascia and the gable board. It will ruin the whole structure if you do mess around with the fascia.

Cut Up to the Line

Now, it is time to cut up the drip edge to the line you have marked before. Make sure that the cut is made exactly on the mark. Should metal roof overhang drip edge?
The answer to that is no. The drip edge is better to fit the roofing structure so that it won’t overhang and look a bit imbalanced.

Install Drip Edge to the Roof Deck

Now that you have cut the drip edge and the roof is prepared, all you need to do now is installing the drip edge. Use a strong screwdriver to fasten the drip edge but before that, make sure that the drip edge is carefully placed on the roof and match. You can run some tests, too, by flowing some water to see if they will flow properly.

Fasten the Trim

The last thing to do is fasten the drip edge. Ensure that they are fully tightened by using a lot of screws and bolts on both sides of the edge. You can tell that the structure is fully installed when it does not shake when you lift them.

For you who want to complete the roof with the drip edge, follow the steps up there, and you will install the whole thing easier.

If you cannot do it alone, do not get embarrassed to call someone to help you out, especially when the drip edge is long and too massive to get handled alone. Those tips on how to install a drip edge on a metal roof will help you as guidance.

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