Is Metal Roof Ridge Vent Foam Worth Buying?

What can be the drawback of using metal roofing? Yes, you are right – the attic can be hotter than usual due to the metal roof itself. So, it is important to provide a decent system of ventilation. One solution to tackle this problem is to install a ridge vent.

The ridge vent will work as an agent to expel humid and hot air from the attic and exchange it with cooler air from the outside. However, as the roof is made from metal, it can expand due to its heat.

Hence, people come up with a solution: ridge vent foam to let the ridge have any spaces to ventilate the air.

Metal Roof Ridge Vent Foam: What Is It and Why Is It Necessary?

People always come up with brilliant ideas regarding any home improvement problems. This time, let’s talk about ridge vent foam for metal roof. What kind of thing is it?

Metal Roof Ridge Vent Foam

A ventilation system made from foam

Roof vent foam is a smart solution for people that install metal roofing for their houses. To keep the room cool, it is important to make space for the air to come through.

However, letting it blank can cause other problems, such as unwanted roof-climbing animals coming in. That’s why as a solution, ridge closure plus venting foam are invented.

Is it necessary?

It is recommended to stick this on the roof or on the ridge cap itself. Why so? You know, on hot days, metals will expand to a certain extent. This may close the space you initially make for ventilation. If this is closed, then it means no ventilation is available.

Giving a foam layer can avoid this closure, and hence it can bring some space for the fresh air outside to come in and let the inner hot air be expelled. You can get this foam at the local stores.

What is the greatest ridge vent for a metal roof?

So far, the best ridge vent for a metal roof is that one: classic rib steel panels. However, this should be complemented with a metal mesh to avoid any rodents, small creatures, or even snakes from crawling into your attic – which later may cause havoc. Another option is to have a ridge cap installed on the peak of your metal roof.

Is it possible to have a ridge vent equipped with foam only?

There is such a product as foam closure strips for metal roofing, which allows you to do that without any hassle. It still allows you to provide ventilation, but at a cheaper price compared to classic rib steel panels.

Whatever your choice is, the objective is to provide an effective ventilator to provide air circulation to your house, especially the attic.

Foam closure strips – although their name may not sound sturdy, are designed in such a way to be strong and durable enough for the roof. There are products that claim to be fire-retardant and wind-driven rain-resistant, too; so, why not?

In conclusion, having metal roof ridge vent foam is recommended. Besides it charges you a lower amount of money, its durability, strength, and other features can also make it beneficial enough. It is easier to stick the foam onto your metal roof, too.

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