How Long Does A Water Heater Take To Heat Up

Here, you need to know the time which is taken to warm the water. If you do not know the approximate time of how long does a water heater takes to heat the water, we will share you with it.

What the best feeling when you are taking a shower? Yup, it is when we are being showered with warm water. However, there are some problems which you may face when you are going to take a shower.

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How long will it take a water heater to heat up?

When we talk about the approximate time taken to heat the water, it depends on the property we use. As we know, every water heater has a different approximate time to heat the water.

Not only that, the size of the gallon that you choose also affects the approximate time. So, how long will it take a water heater to heat up depending on 2 things? The first is the type of water heater, and the second is the capacity of water heater.

How Long Does A Water Heater Take To Heat Up

Before going further, you need to know that the temperature determined to use is around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature has been considered as the safety standard that should be used in a water heater.

Not only that, by this exact temperature, it can also ease us to determine the approximate time which is needed to heat the water.

The approximate time

For the gas water heater, there are some differences which you can see. Here, in a water heater that has a capacity of 20 gallons, the time which is taken is 30 minutes. In the capacity of 40 gallons, the time that you should wait is 40 minutes. And for the 50 gallons, the time which you need to wait is 50 minutes.

For the electric water heater, the time taken to heat the water is different from a gas water heater. In fact, this kind of water heater has a faster process.

Here, if the tank capacity is 30 gallons, you need 19 minutes. For the capacity of 40 gallons, the time taken is 25 minutes. And the last tank capacity of 50 gallons will need 31 minutes to heat the water.

water heater heat up time

Besides, for the tankless and solar water. The hot water which you will get is instant. However, some things can change how long a water heater takes to heat up anyway.

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