Honda EU6500is Generator : A Perfect Generator for Home Back Up Power

Are you looking for a perfect generator to be used outdoors? Well, Honda EU6500is generator can be the answer of your prayer. Before we discuss more about that generator, let’s have a look these following tips when you want to use generator at home and why it can be dangerous when you use it indoor.

Generator usage at home

When you want to use generator at home, it is very important to follow the directions which are supplied with your generator. Commonly, the ultimate hazards to avoid when you are going to use generator at home are the CO or carbon monoxide that is poisoning from the electrical shock, exhaust of toxic engine fire and electrocution. Many people die almost every year because of false portable generator usage.

Honda EU6500is Generator

Why using portable generator indoors is dangerous

Indoors here are including basement, carport, crawlspace, garage and the other partially-enclosed or enclosed area even though it has ventilation. It will still not help even though there are opening windows and doors or even fans will not avoid the carbon monoxide to buildup in your house.

Your generator will rapidly produce the CO that will be death and incapacitation. But still, you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide. The possibility to be exposed to carbon monoxide is high even you can’t smell the fumes of exhaust.

If you start felling weak, dizzy or even weak when you use the generator indoor, what you have to do is to get fresh air immediately without hesitation!

Why choosing Honda EU6500is ?

  • It is such a powerful generator that will be perfect to back up power in your home. It is also useful to back up power for outdoor events, as an RV Generator and more.
  • It can be used for many kinds of appliances. The appliances are including TV/DVD, microwave oven, sump pump, furnace gas, fuel oil and fan, RV air conditioner, hair dryer, computer, coffee maker, blender, garage door opener, portable fan, incandescent lights and many more. It is also good to be a portable generator that can be carried for outdoor activities including camping.
  • It can operate 52 to 60 dBA that can produce less noise or super quiet.
  • It is completed with fuel injection technology and smart electronic that will increase fuel efficiency. It also can eliminate the choke of the engine and reduce the carburetor problem that is related to the fuel.
  • Honda GX390 engine is designed with superior performance and long life.
  • It is advanced with technology of inverter. It can be reliable power for sensitive equipment including computers.
  • It offers efficiency of fuel thanks to a system which is called as Eco-Throttle System. It can run between 6 up to 18 hours in a one tank. It can make great power that can run overnight.
  • T has convenient and comfortable handles that can be lowered for compact storage and raised for transport.

Honda EU6500is generator will be the right generator for you for outdoor activities that require quiet noise. It will be also a great generator for backup power!

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