Honda 2500 Generator : The Larger Fuel Tank that will Save Your Fuel More

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Choosing a generator sometimes can be a little bit confusing. Many different specs are suitable for everyone’s needs. But if you are looking for a standard generator that is reliable, Honda 2500 generator can be the generator you can depend on.

Honda 2500 Generator

This Honda generator has a large fuel tank, which means you can save more fuel than other generators.

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Fuel Recommendation for Honda generator

If you want to buy a Honda generator, you don’t need to worry about the fuel for it. Engines of Honda are already certified and designed to run on regular gasoline. By regulation, gasoline is allowed to contain various kinds of additives.

Under the same regulation, alcohol and other additives are also limited to be included in the fuel. But it also still allows being sold as fuel or gasoline. Honda engines inside the generators are designed in an amazing performance. They are also quiet, efficient operations since they use gasoline, from 0 to 10% of ethanol.

Honda 2500 Generator

Nowadays, one of the popular fuels is E85. This is a mixture of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol. This has been in the media recently. It can be an alternative fuel, but you need to know that it is not the same as gasoline. If you want to buy 2500 Watt generators, the engine can be run on E85.

E85 Fuel Generators

Honda engines are not certified and designed to run on E85 or any other alternative fuel on the market. You have to stick with the manual of fuel recommended and approved by the company, so your generator will last long with the right fuel for its engine.

Honda 2500 Portable Generator

It is said that this Honda generator is the first generator that is built to help people in providing power to survive during the Canadian winter (one of the toughest winters ever happened).

This is the generator you can rely on since it was built and designed by Cold Climate Technology. This is one of the leading innovations and powerful industries that can be designed the crankcase airing tube to be ice formation free.

It can also prevent the generator from shutting down. This generator has a commercial-grade engine equipped with an easy-starting, powerful, reliable, and legendary Honda GX series. Since this is Honda we are talking about, you can use the standard 120 VAC outlets easily. You can also use it with a running time of up to 15.3 hours at a half load and simplified controls.

The feature of this generator will come in handy as well. It has 19.2 amps or about 2300 watts rated. It is fuel-efficient and easy-starting with low emission of Honda GX160H1 OHV. The fuel tank is also larger compare to other competition with 14.5 L or 3.2 gal imp. Buying Honda portable generator is a great decision if you look for easy use generator that will not cost you much.

The Honda 2500 Generator Warranty

Once you buy Honda 2500 generator, you will get 36 months warranty for commercial use or non-commercial use; for the details, you can visit honda generator dealers.

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