Water Heater Strap Code

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It is general water heater strap code that water heater should be consist with two straps to secure the water heater. The purpose from water heater strap is to prevent the water heater from getting backwards tipped. The unsecured water heater can lead into gas connections and rupture rigid water.

The Uniform Plumbing Code has as seismic safety straps that hold since 1982.  The purpose from water heater strap is to prevent and secure from against fire, unit explosion, or water damage that can be occur when the heater get fall over that caused by earthquake.

Water Heater Strap Code

Initially, the water heater strap code says that water heater needs to be strapped so as be able to withstand displacement that can cause by earthquake.

However, there are no installation standards for water heater straps method. But the method should be meet with the water heater code, with the procedures completely depend to individual to complete the installation.

There are basic effective water heater straps such as:

  1. Entire water heater type should be strapped, whether it is electric or gas
  2. There are two straps that needed to set, one in upper 1/3 and one in lower 1/3 of fixture
  3. The straps can consist from plumber’s tape, or ½ inch diameter of metal conduit
  4. The straps should wrap in entire way around the water heater body.
  5. The straps should be adjacent into wall secured and opposed from directions.
  6. The straps should be anchored to the wall studs and make lag bolt that length about 3 inch length and ¼ inch diameter.

In addition, you also need to ensure that your straps have been installed in right methods. The procedure for strapping water heater has modified enough to provide secure and protection. This because there are many water heater tanks that broken through the water heater strapping in 1994 in Los Angeles Earthquake and in 1989 San Francisco.

Remember for these two important things when you strap the water heater:

  1. You need to ensure it has secure in top and bottom
  2. Use heavy gauge metal strap is more effective way rather than using plumber’s tape.

In area that potential with earthquake disaster, this water heater straps code is very important to do. This will protect you and your family.

Do the checking and also find that the method of installation has relevant with your area installation code. Check for further water heater code that will prevent you from water heater disaster.

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