Some Common Noritz Error Code to Be Familiar with

There are reasons why homeowners should know Noritz error code in general, so they know how to deal with the problem and the best solutions. Knowing some of the most common error codes can be helpful, so you know whether you can fix it by yourself or you need to consult a pro.

noritz error codes

Finding the Error Codes

When you purchase Noritz tankless water heater, you get a manual. Noritz tankless water heater error codes would be available there. Moreover, every unit would be connected to remote control. When there is an issue, the screen will display the code. When you see it, consult your manual, so you know exactly what’s wrong with your unit.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater Error Codes

There are different kinds of errors and troubleshoot issues for Noritz tankless heater. However, there are actually ‘only’ 7 common issues (along with their error codes) that you can encounter during the usage. So, what are they?

  • Noritz Error Code 11

This is related to an ignition issue within your water heater. The code shows that your unit won’t fire up and heat the water, so you basically have no warm (or hot) water at all. This issue is commonly debris found in the ignition plug, insufficient airflow, and insufficient gas supply.

The solution is first to check your gas line. Has it been turned on? Then, call a licensed contractor. They will check whether the exhaust vent is smooth and unobstructed, the ignition plug is free from debris and has been attached firmly, or whether the (gas) valve has been opened.

  • Noritz Error Code 12

It shows that the flame is somewhat weak, so your heater can’t properly heat the water. Just like code 11, this is generally related to insufficient airflow or gas supply. The only way to tackle the issue is to call a licensed contractor. Let them check the heater. Their steps will likely be almost the same as for code 11.

  • Noritz Error Code 16

One of the most common Noritz error code issues is 16, where there is a drastic increase in water temperature outlets. It’s usually from scale build-up, which obstructs the heat-transfer flow and efficiency. As a result, your heater tries to burn hotter, causing a drastic temperature increase. Contact your contractor. They will likely perform a descaling routine or use a water softener, depending on the level of the issue itself.

  • Noritz Error Code 29

The issue is related to condensate drainage. There is likely incorrect condensate drain pipe or condensate drain line blockage that will lead the burner to floor the unit. Call your contractor so they can perform a thorough check.

  • Noritz Error Code 73

This issue is about the improper setting of the circuit board. In most cases, it typically results from a dip switch or changing the jumper connection while supplying the power. Try to unplug the heater for around 30 seconds, and then plug it in again. If it persists, then contact your contractor.

  • Noritz Error Code F76

This usually happens when there is a communication breakdown between 2 tankless units through Quick Connect Cord. It happens when there is more than a remote is connected to 2 Quick Connected heaters. To deal with it, use one remote control. If it persists, call your contractor.

  • Noritz Error Codes 990

In reality, we can’t find any Noritz error code 990. There is error code 90 or error code 99. They are basically the same, indicating combustion alert and abnormality, most likely because of fuel and air improper mix. The most likely causes are fuel vent blockage, insufficient gas supply, or debris within the fan motor. Only a licensed and professional contractor can resolve this in the safest manner possible.


If you aren’t sure about the code, you can always contact Noritz so customer support can give you a hand. But all manuals should have a Noritz error code to help you solve the issue right away.  

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