Autotrol Water Softener: Frequently Asked Questions

Today, we are going to give you the owner’s guide for Autotrol water softener. We will include frequently asked questions about what they are, how to set them for water conditioner maintenance or water softener, what they do, and the adjustment of the backwash or regeneration cycle frequency and the salt dose of a water softener. Let’s check the explanation below!

What are the four basic tasks or adjustments to use a water softener?

Since the water volume and hardness vary from one building to the other buildings, a water conditioner or softener includes the Autotrol water softener parts that allow the building or installer to adjust and control the system to work successfully.

Autotrol water softener

A water softener or water conditioner usually controls either analog-type dials with levers, pins, or buttons. There are two principal related to the water adjustment. The first one is that water softener is automagically by water sensors of hardness followed by two basic chores maintenance. The second one is that the water softener is done manually by an owner.

How Autotrol Water Softener Works?

Below are the steps of how water softener is automagically by water sensors.

  1. Set the Backwash Frequency or Regen: the water’s water conditioner frequency of the backwash cycle or regeneration cycle.
  2. Set the salt dose: the amount of salty water or salt that has to be run through the water conditioner during every backwash cycle or regeneration cycle.
  3. Add salt: since the water softener or water conditioner consumes salt during every backwash cycle or regeneration, you will need to buy and then add salt to the tank of brine from time to time. You can decide when you add salt by visual check – salt gets low within the brine tank, or you can hire a maintenance company of water softener, which will help you deliver and install the salt right away.
  4. Clean the water conditioner: you need to clean the water conditioner to make the system works successfully.

How to set the regeneration cycle frequency & water softener clock?  

Since the water conditioners and their controls are various among companies and models, we will discuss some methods for deciding and making the necessary adjustments or settings below on this equipment.

There is also the third task of maintenance for owners’ buildings with a water conditioner and need to set the clock. Let’s take a look at our guide to set the controls of the water softener.

Set regeneration Autotrol Water Softener
  1. Look thoroughly: first, know every part of the standard control of the water softener. The salt dose and the time of day will occur once the user is permitted to specify the days on a backwash or recharge cycle.
  2. Set the water clock of the softener: setting the clock on the water softener’s control is important for two reasons. The first one is that you won’t be annoyed by hearing a noisy noise once it runs during the recycles when you are out of home or fall asleep. The second reason is that since the recharge cycle of water softener uses plenty of water, it’s a nice idea to send the waste to the septic system at a time when other fixtures of plumbing are not in use that will spread a load of wastewater on the septic system out in a quite long period.
  3. Set the dial of the clock to get an accurate time of day. You need to set the water softener’s regeneration time to an hour once the building occupants are rarely to use water, like at 2 AM, which is the standard manufacturer pre-set hour of regeneration. A clock dial is described as a grey-colored section that corresponds to hours during daytime, and the section in a black color corresponds to hours during nighttime. Usually, the clock’s dial is controlled and adjusted by lifting it and changing it to the right position or turning a dial to line up the right hour every day with an indicator’s arrow.

If you are confused, where the clock is on the water softener and how to set it, it’s probably the same question many people ask about. First, you can send a photo of your equipment and the control cover to the Autotrol website so you can full guidance. Either LCD or LED display type, water conditioners, or softeners make it hard to see a deal similar to a clock with hands.

Autotrol Water Softener Clock

If you look at it very carefully, the clock on the water conditioner control can set by turning marked of the knob “Time of Day,” which has numbers on it and the current PM or AM hour, which is the opposite the point of the arrow. It is the same with the Autotrol water softener since you will see the same button as “Time Set”.

If you set the clock on the water conditioner’s control to AM in the white area or PM in the black area, the hours will be opposite to the pointer in black color, and the red arrow will point at that.

Meanwhile, on the electronic water softener display like in the Autotrol 460i, you may need to set the jumper right after the word TIME to set the day’s time.

You can find the word on the blue arrow or control and then push the button with a red arrow that you see the word “Time Set” until the correct PM or AM time of day is showed on the LED display.

So, we hope that you are no longer confused about the water softener you have. There are many tips and guidance for you and even tutorial videos if you need clearer instruction.

Don’t forget to always seek help from experts to avoid malfunction or system error if you have problems. Understanding the basic adjustment and the water softener’s control system will be much more helpful so that you can at least handle the little problem of your own.

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