Concealed Sprinkler Head: Things You should Know

If you are looking for concealed sprinkler head, you need to consider the outcome of the quote of fire sprinkler depend on how your room is, water supply, and the type of your building.

In this article, you will find out things you should know about sprinkler head as well as the preparation for you before installing it.

Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads

Several industries now are successfully managed to change a little bit the visual impact of sprinkler system years by years by developing a system of fire suppression that include concealed sprinkler head covers.

Nowadays, many people are more accepted to the new concealed fire sprinkler which they get used to with the conventional one and realize how more effective the new type is. It can also fulfill a very worthy function while incorporating into their surroundings.

Concealed Sprinkler Head

Concealed Sprinkler Head Design

Many people actually still have no idea how fire sprinklers work. They usually notice those things when they go to places like big department stores and warehouses where the visual impact sometimes is considered not important.

Concealed Sprinkler Head Design

It is because usually many department stores have more interest in the ads about how they protect their customers when there is fire than using the system of concealed fire suppression so that it can visually disguise them.

Pendant sprinkler head is not the same with concealed fire sprinkler

There is significant difference between pendant and concealed fire sprinkler. The difference that is clearly seen is about the place. Pendant sprinkler has to be installed below the level of the ceiling just to make sure the flow of the water will be horizontally once the head is activated.

On the other hand, concealed sprinkler has to be installed a little bit higher from the ceiling level until it leaves just a cover of the plate flush on the ceiling.

The plate of cover can fall from the unit once you see that the temperature bar raises to a certain degree (usually it is around 58 degrees Celsius). After that the plate’s detector that has function to send the water horizontally from the room will suddenly fall under the level of the ceiling before it started to activate. When it reaches around 68 degrees Celsius, which is high enough, the heat element will be more sensitive too.

After that, the heat will automatically trigger the flow of the water to run horizontally. Few years ago, pendant head was more popular than other types of fire sprinkler. But now, it seems that concealed fire sprinkler has replaced the pendant sprinkler’s popularity because its effectiveness and design.

Concealed Sprinkler Head Installation

First of all, a concealed fire sprinkler in residential is a fast response, two stage devices that comes in a small size of a down light. The units’ plates cover usually is white.

When there is fire detected, the operating point of the cover plate will soon drop under the level of the ceiling. And when the ceiling temperature raise to above 70 degrees Celsius, the strip in bi-metal will be activated.

Concealed Sprinkler Head Installation

Meanwhile, the seal will release which opens the way for the water to run to its fullest to be aimed at the fire. In addition, those devices also very inconspicuous. When someone looks at the devices, the thing that he usually sees the first time is only a small, flat plate. The size of the plate is only around 60mm in diameter comes with the same color as the ceiling.

Fire sprinklers for residential sometimes already fulfil the requirement to remove the compartment especially in term of its open plan design. But there is also a disadvantage of open plan design. It is possible that the device will lost if the ultimate area was on fire meanwhile the fire sprinkler wasn’t clear to look.

That’s why in order to overcome this obstacle, architects of concealed sprinkler heads created a modern design while adjustment to the building’s requirement.

It has to be related to the regulation to make sure that people who live in the building are safe from fire event. Like in many other plumbing systems, how the pipe works in the fire sprinkler is similar to the plumbing system. The pipe lies within the ceiling’s void and then it is mixed with the sprinkler heads that are covered to protect the people from see it when it is actually installed in their property.

Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads Disadvantage

Many companies that sell fire sprinkler compete each other to create the best design that have more benefits. They want the fire sprinkler in a fast response device and comes in a pleasing design including depending on the sprinkler’s activate system at a beginning development of the fire.

The system has the minimum quantity of water. So, it means that the plate’s cover has to be taken out carefully. It has to be in the mid temperature. It should be in the right time when it’s not too late or too fast. If it released too fast because it can cause false activation. It’s also can’t be too late because the fire will spread and more complicated to put it out with thr existing quote of water.

Now, let’s talk about the factor that can slow down the cover plate. Decorator mastic which can be found surround the plate’s cover or a paint contains emulsion which paint applied when it re-decorated can be some factors that can make the release of water from the cover plate slowing down.

If the cover plates of fire sprinkler heads are covered by emulsion or paint, it can slow down the operation of concealed sprinkler head. It’s actually not considered as a serious problem if the systems are serviced regularly and the cover plates are made annually as a visual check.

Choose the Right Fire Sprinkler you need

Don’t forget to consult first with the expert team before you want to buy fire sprinkler system. You will understand more after you have the consultation. No matter how small or big your property is and how much money you prepare for it, you will be guaranteed you will get the right fire sprinkler.

The price is of course depends on your basis and all companies usually will prepare a quota for you. In order to arrange the installation of concealed sprinkler head successfully, you need to get in touch to the company where you want to order the sprinkler.

Good luck!