How to Replace Electric Element and Anode Water Heater

Does the water heater on your RV create a high-pitched sound? Does this whistle whenever you have the electrical water heater on? If that is the case, it might be time to replace the electrical heating element.

Corrosion can develop on the component, which makes it make a sound once it becomes warm. Replacing the component is easily done following the easy steps outlined below. With only a few cheap tools, you can help save yourself from a costly visit to the RV dealer or mechanic.

Anode Water Heater
  1. Find a cold water source in the base of a plain water heater, typically within the RV. Many RVs are equipped with a skip tee valve employed for winterizing the pipes.
  2. Open the relief valve at the outside water heater access compartment to release any tension.
  3. To get the electrical heating element, you might want to eliminate the gas heater manifold tubing and burner assembly and Maintain all of the manifold parts together!
  4. Take care not to fall or misplace the little gas burner orifice when disassembling the manifold. It has to be reassembled the same means to operate properly.
  5. Disconnect electrical heating element.
  6. Remove the black cap covering the component and disconnect the two cables. Make certain to turn off all water heater alterations or detach out of electricity first.
  7. Eliminate component.
  8. Utilize the Water Heater Element Wrench by slipping the hexagonal end on the element nut. Add a screwdriver into both holes in the finish and then turn it counterclockwise to remove. Be cautious about moving wires from the way first.
  9. Permit the tank to fill up a little and allow all of the water to leak out a couple of times. Move the batter around to achieve all corners of the tank.
  10. Replace new components and anode.
  11. Apply Teflon tape to the threads of this anode and component to guarantee a great seal. Replace each and twist securely together with the right wrench. Once fastened, reattach the cables into the electrical component.
  12. Re-attach the black cap within the electrical heating element. Re-connect gas manifold tube and burner assembly. Test for leaks and warm water!

Assess gas water heater to guarantee fire burns steadily. (Note: Flame might have to burn off a couple of days to wash out elements before it stays lit.) Make sure to turn down all switches on for the electric water heater, such as the one in the outside compartment if current.

Allow ample time for water to warm up and look for leaks from the external compartment around the electrical heating element and anode pole.

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