How to Fix an Unbalanced Washer: Understanding the Causes and the Solutions

You probably want to know how to fix an unbalanced washer, especially if your machine starts making a loud noise where the inside tube bangs itself against the wall. Not only is it disturbing and annoying, but you may also have serious issues with your device that can cost you a lot of money.

Understand the causes and what possible solutions are available so you can deal with the issue and prevent further damage.

What Causes Washing Machines to Be Unbalanced?

how to fix an unbalanced washer

Contrary to what people believe, the cause of an unbalanced washing machine isn’t always mechanical. Sometimes, the way you use the machine can also affect it. Some of the logical reasons why your machine can be unbalanced are:

  • The (support) feet aren’t adjusted within the same height. Some machines may have adjustable support feet from plastic that should be placed right under every corner. They are supposed to come in the same height. However, if they are installed at different heights and you don’t adjust them, it’s logical if the machine becomes unbalanced.
  • You place the machine on an uneven floor. Like in the previous case, an uneven floor can lead to your machine being unbalanced. This means the problem isn’t with the device but with the surrounding situation.
  • You don’t distribute the clothes evenly during the wash cycle. Most people forget that they must arrange and distribute the clothes evenly. When you dump your clothes, it can cause extra weight on one side only. As a result, the cycle tube isn’t balanced.
  • There is always a possibility that the washers experience mechanical issues. Your tube has these springs and rubber straps to keep it in its place. But when the springs are overworn, there is nothing to hold the tube anymore, causing it to swing and rock wildly.

How Can I Fix an Unbalanced Washing Machine?

So, how do you fix an unbalanced washer? The way you fix the issue is by looking at the cause. Different causes require different treatments and solutions. For instance, you only need to adjust if the problem is because of the unbalanced support feet.

You may need other people’s help to turn the device on its side. You can then twist those feet until all of them are within the same height, ensuring each locking nut is securely fastened.

For those with a front loader washer, ensuring that your machine is perfectly level is crucial. A front loader relies heavily on balance for optimal operation, especially during high-spin cycles.

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If the problem is the uneven floor, you can either repair the floor or find another location with even flooring conditions. Keep in mind that washers are heavy and they need sturdy floors to accommodate the weight.

If the clothes are not being distributed evenly, the only solution is to rearrange them. Stop the device. Rearrange the clothes, avoiding lumping on one side only. This should solve the issue right away.

If you experience overworn springs, you need to replace them. You can have a DIY project. But if you don’t know how, it’s better to call a professional repair service.

Cost to Repair Unbalanced Washer

The repair cost can vary, depending on the issue’s severity and the damage is seriousness. Your washing machine types will also determine the cost of the repair. Generally, the standard average cost would be from $150 to around $400.

The general average is around $300. It’s best to talk about it with your technician, so they can perform the correct inspection and do the proper repair.

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Final Words

There is no need to fret when you have an unbalanced washing machine issue. It’s a simple issue that can be addressed quickly. By understanding the symptoms, you can find solutions right away.

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