How to Clean a Garbage Disposal that Smells Using These 3 Ingredients

Now, as you complete your meal, it’s time to wash the dishes. These days, the act of remnants-disposing isn’t as boring as before since you got garbage disposal to use. Garbage disposal greatly does wonder, given that it munches scrapes of your food so excitedly.

However, it is different when it stinks. Not only it can disturb the joy of throwing remnants away, but you will also be disturbed by its smell when working. So how to clean a garbage disposal that smells?

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal That Smells

Rotten egg or sewage, you got your own term in naming the bad smell coming out from your garbage disposal. But what causes garbage disposal smells?

how to clean a garbage disposal that smells

It turns out this is caused by the food remnants that are stuck in the garbage disposal blades surrounding. Or in the pipes that are connected with the garbage disposal. If food is stuck there, it eventually rot, releasing gases that we catch as something smelly like sewage or rotten eggs.

So, what can we do to fix that garbage disposal smells really bad? There are several methods you can choose to help reduce the smell.

1. You can use scouring powder to fix the smell

To do this, you need to run to the nearest convenience store and find your favorite scouring powder. It is so effortless to dismiss the scent this way: you only need to pour ½ cup of it onto your disposal. Add a bit of cold water.

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Once you do that, wait for around 15 minutes before rinsing it off with some water you run from the tap. So simple. You can use scouring powder to replace baking soda, whose procedure will be explained in the following explanation.

2. Other types of cleansing agents will do good as well

There are several garbage disposal cleaner agents you can benefit from as a part of this procedure of how to clean a garbage disposal that smells. So what are they?

  • You can use the magic combo of white vinegar and baking soda. To do it, you need to have ¼ cup baking soda poured onto your garbage disposal. Following that, have the white vinegar, measuring one cup, poured onto the disposal as well. It typically will bubble. Then, you can rinse it off simply by running water onto the disposal.
  • The alternative is to use borax. One half cup of this ingredient each time, let sit for an hour (or two, if you wish), then rinse it. It is better to do it in a weekly basis.
  • Mouthwash onto the disposal? Why not? This can also be your option to clean the garbage disposal and clean off the disturbing scent.

3. Bring along some citrus fruits

If you are into some natural remedies for garbage disposal smells, citrus fruits can be your answer. All you need is to prep the peelings of lemons, oranges, limes, or grapefruit. Prepare many like a handful or more.

Some sources recommend combining the peelings with the fruits. If you like it this way, you can do so. But don’t combine these with other types of garbage as this will ruin the scent.

I hope these tips and procedures of how to clean a garbage disposal that smells help you to dismiss the unwanted scent. Good luck tackling the bad smell!

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