How to Adjust Temperature on Hot Water Heater

Looking on some guides on how to adjust temperature on hot water heater? Adjusting a hot water heater is no simple thing to do. The very act itself is an art as you need to carefully balance what you need and what you have at your disposal at the moment.

How to Adjust Temperature on Hot Water Heater

If you lack the knowledge on how to properly adjust it, then you will be left with two possible scenarios: the water is too hot for you, so you end up burning that smooth skin of yours (there is always ‘too hot’ even in the coldest of weathers).

The second scenario would be the water ended up too cold for you so you end up freezing yourself (or psyching yourself up, depending on what you are going to do after the bath). Without a knowledge on the art of adjusting a water heater temperature, you will go down hard.

Adjust Temperature on Hot Gas Water Heater

Now after the rambling is done, I will tell you on a more serious note about how to adjust the temperature of your water heater and how to get a perfect mix of cold and hot water. Check out the  two tips below:

First thing first, locate where the thermometer is and check the temperature limits of your body

What you need to do after you have bought and installed your water heater is to find its thermometer. Looking at that, surely you will know how hot the water would be when they come out from the faucet. Check your room temperature and compare it with the water heater to get the perfect warmth.

how to change temperature on electric water heater

You also need to check whether or not your body can handle the amount of heat. Do be mindful that getting an accurate reading on the temperature limits of our body is hard (thanks to our adaptability and our bodily system). On a rough estimate though, your body will start to get hyperthermia if your body is exposed to a 60 degrees celcius heat for 10 minutes.

However, you should not be afraid because who want to submerge himself in a 60 degrees celsius water for 10 minutes? Masochists be warned.

The second and the last one: you have to find the controller

The second tip would be about finding the temperature controller. You see, every water heater often come with a controller (the more expensive one sure did. Cannot tell you more about the cheap ones, though).

The controller will be the main thing to adjust in finding the correct temperature for you, so get searching and make some adjustments!