How to Paint Porcelain: 10-Step Less-Hassle Procedure to Restyle Your Porcelain Stuffs

Let’s say you are planning to restyle your porcelain home stuff by painting it. You want to do it itself. Hence, you won’t need to pay extra bucks to prepare; what to do and how to paint porcelain will come naturally to your mind. Well, it seems like you have come to the right place. Find out below how to paint your porcelain stuff in this article below.

Porcelain Painting DIY Techniques

First, we should know that porcelain is a material which is made from clay. This one type of ceramic is considered strong and durable enough. Not to forget, it has a glazed finish that makes it look lavish and expensive.

How Paint Porcelain

If you plan to refinish the look of your porcelain stuff, be it stuffs part of your bathroom or your own decorative, the right technique should be applied. Therefore, the paint can stick well and adhere naturally.

That being said, you will need these required materials and learn some good porcelain painting techniques. The materials needed and the procedure of how to paint porcelain will be shown below:

Things needed:

  • Powdered cleanser
  • Scrub or sponge brush
  • Unused cloths
  • Tile epoxy
  • Acrylic interior paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tile primer
  • Orbital sander
  • 120-180 grit sandpaper

Other related things:

  • Since the process may cause damage to yourself, make sure to wear protective gears like a dust mask and eyewear while working on your porcelain.
  • Besides that, keep your room humidity low to let the primer, paint, and epoxy dry rapidly and properly.
  • If required, you may also use working gloves while cleaning and sanding the porcelain.

The process of how to apply porcelain paint will be as follows:

  1. Get a powdered cleanser, then sprinkle the porcelain with it. Scrub the surface with a scrub brush. Optionally, you can rely on a wet sponge to clean the porcelain surface.
  2. If needed, you can clean the porcelain surface several times as required.
  3. Let the porcelain surface dry thoroughly.
  4. Next, proceed to sand the porcelain with sandpaper whose grit ‘size’ is as mentioned above. This is required to remove the glazed finish from the porcelain. For wider areas, opt to use an orbital sander.
  5. Get another cloth and make it damp. Then, remove the dust left out from the sanding process. Let the porcelain dry before proceeding to the next step.
  6. With even strokes leading to one direction, apply one coat of acrylic paint.
  7. Apply another coat using a fine-bristled brush to make the finish smoother. Again, always do it in one direction.
  8. If there is a certain pattern that you wish to do with another color, always make sure that the block coating has dried completely first.
  9. After ensuring that all paints are dried thoroughly, proceed to apply the epoxy mixture that you have mixed according to the provided instructions.
  10. With a fine-bristle brush, apply a coat of epoxy going in one direction. Let the epoxy dry first before adding another coat of epoxy.

So, that is the procedure of how paint porcelain. It is pretty easy to do, and it definitely requires lots of patience to make the result satisfying to look at.

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