How Many Coats of Primer You Need before Painting Drywall

Bored with your current wall color? Or maybe you want a new color for your working desk? Try to paint it yourself. Painting can be tiring, but seeing the result will be much fun.

Before painting your wall or any furniture with a new color, you can first coat them with a primer.

But how many are the right ones? No need to grumble.

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Painting New Drywall or Wooden Furniture

If you plan to paint the wall or wooden furniture, you need to know how many primer coats you will need. There are several things you need to know about this:

How Many Coats of Primer You Need

You can coat the drywall with only one primer coat in the case of:

  1. You are painting a white wall with any paint colors. Feel free to choose any from the water-based or oil-based primer. But always make sure to choose the one with high quality.
  2. You are using a tinted primer. When the primer is added with a shade of your new paint, the process of coloring will be much easier. You can ask the paint store to bring the tinted primer up to 50% of the new shade. A tinted primer will make a single coating enough to coat the drywall.

Coat it with double primer in the case of:

  • You are painting wood walls that haven’t been primed yet. Without any primer, wooden walls are more porous than unprimed drywall. If you don’t give it a primer, that will result in blotching and easy peeling.
  • You are painting the dark-colored wall with a lighter color. Even with three wall paint coatings, the dark paint will still haunt if the wall isn’t coated well. Hence, priming the dark-colored wall twice will be enough to conceal the dark color.
  • You are painting unfinished drywall. Although not as porous as unprimed wooden walls, a porous surface is your foe in this case. Easy blotch and peeling are the future enemies you can avoid with double-coat primer.

The amount of primer becomes critical for painting jobs that require a transition from a dark paint to a lighter one. The right type of primer, especially a stain-blocking primer, can effectively prevent the paint from showing through the topcoat, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish for your paint project.

When painting wooden furniture, you can also coat your furniture with a primer. But how many coats of primer on wood furniture are considered enough? The answer is easy: only one layer of primer coating. But you’ll need to give it several layers of the paint coat to ensure it doesn’t absorb paint unevenly.

Then, your new paint layer will be long-lasting enough. Tips for painting the wooden furniture: make sure to paint it neatly by following the wood grain. However, you can also paint it horizontally to avoid drips when following the vertical grain.

All right, you need to know how many primer coats are needed while painting drywall or wooden furniture. For interior painting or an outdoor project, coating the wall or furniture with primer is much needed to avoid the paint getting cracked easily and making it stick with the object for a long time.

This step is essential in ensuring the longevity and quality of your paint project, laying the groundwork for a stunning finish.

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